Australia able to share in school

In the last three days we helped level the sides of a road, finished off two trenches though one is still hanging on the edge till we can place some pipe. Some broken a TV wire, don’t freak out no one was in any danger.  It was dug up by the back hoe and has been already taken care of by a Cable technician.

We also sanded down trees that have been installed as pillars in the chapel. Cleaned the bathrooms (Special Blessing crew), and swept out the Big Top, which is the main place we eat at. These are just a few tasks that we have as a day to day routine. 

We also have nearly finished insulating the whole building and the only thing that is holding us back is putting up ballasts that hold the insulation on the ceiling. 

Today we went to a school and did our whole program along with some kids we witnessed to at the skate-park a few weeks ago!   It was such as blessing getting to water the seeds we already planted! Tristen got to share and I was totally blessed by their attitudes even though we have been working so hard!

Tristan commented “I was blessed to have the privilege today by getting to share what I believed to the kids.”

Kalie “I had fun in our performance dancing for Christ. The kids had fun as they were dancing too, and laughing after our presentation.”

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