Cuba continues painting

It is HOT today!!  Probably the hottest day so far.  We are filling in the ground around the retaining wall.  I can hear the sound of shovels hitting the ground every few moments from the kitchen as we make pizza rolls for dinner.  A tractor hauling rebar just arrived and the team is unloading it now.  We are still waiting on rock and sand to finish the pillars of the wall.  Everything will come to a stand still if those supplies do not arrive, so pray with us please!!  The supplies were ordered almost two weeks ago!  We are learning quickly about the patience required to live in Cuba.:-)  The church will be completely repainted in a day or two.  We do not have the red to paint the trim but the rest of the building will shine brightly with its fresh new look.  I forgot to mention the wonderful meal the church provided us this past Sunday in my last report.  We dined on grilled chicken, tamales, beans and rice, plantain chips, green beans, bananas, cake, and guava juice.  It was the best international meal I have ever eaten!!  We are healthy and well and really becoming a tight knit family.  We laugh a lot and try not to take a single moment of this time together for granted.  We pray for our families every night…know that you all are daily being prayed for!  

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  1. Thank you for update. Our Granddaughter is Kathryn Jones. We miss her a lot , but know that she is well and serving God. What a wonderful experience for a young Lady. Tell her we send our love and will see her soon.

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