Forest Angels Fan the Flames of their Faith


Now that we’re “back to civilization” the Forest Angels have had more opportunities to practice the evangelism piece of their project. Thank you for praying for open doors- God is making opportunities and we’re hoping for a full week of evangelism.
Fan the Flames
Monday and Tuesday found us doing some extensive mini bike riding on the Teen Missions property. This has given them further opportunity to develop their skills and further see God giving them the confidence to rely on Him for their new found abilities. 
Fan the Flames
During rally time the team has been participating more enthusiastically in the new songs they are learning from our chorus book- a pleasant sound to hear around campus and on bus rides as they spontaneously sing His songs.
Fan the Flames
Tuesday and Wednesday afforded us the opportunity to get out into the community and serve in word and deed.  

Fan the Flames

Tuesday afternoon found us at a local elderly care facility. Some team members were very tentative about this venue, as it was outside of their comfort zone; but God was gracious and helped them.  We did our presentation, which was basically a repeat of our presentation which we did at Calvary Chapel several weeks ago. We did do an additional puppet number, which the residents really seemed to enjoy.  We also added a group song “Sing Allelujah to the Lord”, which has and alternating “boy” and “girl” parts. After our presentation, the team members visited with the residents, and many team members explained and handed out felt  versions of the Wordless Book to the residents and workers. Most team members seemed to come away excited to have met and visited with those they were at first timid to meet.

Fan the Flames

Wednesday morning, we were up early–to the chagrin of some–in order to be at House of Hope in Merritt Island by 8 AM.  House of Hope is a local church ministry which seeks to spread the Gospel through being Jesus’ “hands and feet.”  In addition to their other ministries, on Mondays they typically feed/cloth about 800 people in the 4 hours that they are open that day. This past Monday saw 10 people come to Christ through this opportunity. Their “Monday ministry” was the piece in which our team participated. Today saw Kayla, Ruth, Shane, and Chaz sorting canned goods and bagging corn in the entryway of House of Hope. Haley, Nathan, Bode, Keaton, Josh, and Dalton on the loading dock organizing food as it came  off one of the delivery trucks. Anica, Esther, Chloe, and Grace helped sort women’s clothing and winter jackets for the “boutique” side of House of Hope. As we were leaving the bread truck arrived and it was “all hands on deck” to get the bread sorted, off the truck, and into boxes to haul into House of Hope and out of the hot Florida sun. Today’s ministry appealed to another subset of our team members, giving them the opportunity to share their gifts in this way, further showing how the “body of Christ, being many members are one body in Christ.”

Fan the Flames

As I type, the team members in Bible Study before dinner, feeding their souls before feeding their hungry stomachs after a full morning of ministry and afternoon of swimming.

Looking forward to our next report to share what other doors of opportunity God has before us!

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