Malawi Well Update

All is going good here in the village of Katima.  The circuit rider Precious and his wife Annie are the proud parents of a healthy baby girl born last night at 9:00pm July 20. Our girls are anxious to see the baby when Annie comes home from the clinic which should be tonight.  All our girls were praying Annie would have baby while we were here and most them also wanted it to be a girl.  We are all praising God for a safe delivery and healthy mother and child.    

We finished the concrete work around the well and wrote in the cement “To the Glory of King Jesus” in order to leave a lasting testimony in this Muslim village.  We will be having a dedication with the village this weekend.  We took two trips with the truck to get bricks so that we can help complete the last building here on the compound which will be a kitchen.   The teens really enjoyed the truck rides.  We are also building a soccer field with painted goal posts and boundaries for the village children to enjoy and also as an outreach of the Gospel.  

We are joining the circuit riders at the Sunday school locations each afternoon.  The first one this week had 200 kids and yesterday there were 70 children  and 15 adults in the adult class.  Our team did puppets played games and taught phonics.  Everyone really enjoys being with the children.  There were the cutest set of twins named Peter and Paul they were around fours years old. 

The team is working together quite well. We have had to really stress drinking water as it has gotten hotter in the day.  We are finally at the end of the colds.  

We enjoy our classes and this team for the most part like to read during Library time.  The team is eating good and we do not have leftovers as they eat thirds and get rid of it all.  

Matthew , ALex, Harrison, Andrew, Sarah, Joelle, Mariela, Coco, Jordyn, Amanda, Claire, Eden, Cami,Olivia, Emma, Lauren, and the leaders are are doing wonderful.  At devotions each night it’s exciting to hear what the Lord is teaching each of them.   We pray daily for our ministry opportunities and that we would be a true witness of Christ.  

The weather continues to be so strange.  We are cold in the mornings and by 10:00 we are putting on the sun screen.  At night it’s cold again especially when the wind is blowing hard.  We’ve had a few nights with strong winds blowing through the tents.  We are grateful they are not strong enough to blow them over.  It is very dusty here and in the evening we all have a red dusting on our bodies.  

Thank you for your prayer support!!!  We are so grateful to the Lord for his love and protection.  

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