Guatemala team has special treat

The Guatemala team had a special treat on Wednesday morning. The kinds folks here at Nuevo Reto prepared us a traditional Guatemalan breakfast! We had plantains, black beans, sweat bread, tostadas, papaya, cheese, eggs, cereal, and Guatemalan coffee. It was delicious! We rarely have any food left over at our meals, but there was so much food we could hardly finish it – the kids at the children’s home had to help us. Thank you so much Nuevo Rito for the wonderful meal!

One of our team members, Hannah, got a nice surprise this week. She was adopted from Guatemala as a child. One of her last memories in Guatemala is of eating at one of the local restaurants – Pollo Campero. Some of the guys from Nuevo Rito surprised her with some of their chicken that she still remembers. 

On the worksite this week we finished pouring the horizontal concrete beams and have begun to lay block on the upper half of the wall. The walls surrounding the stairway are almost up to the second story and we will begin pouring the actual stairs soon. The sidewalk around Phase 2 is almost finished as well. At Phase 1, we have been taking a break from painting to have all hands on deck at Phase 2, but we’re back to painting today. The team has been working hard and is thankful for the mild temperatures (and no mosquitos!) here in the mountains. 

English classes have been going very well. Both the kids and the team have been having a lot of fun learning. Right now, they are pretending they are shopping at Walmart for items out of the ad. The boys are competing against the girls to remember the English names of the items while Angel is keeping score. 

We have had some normal digestive stuff that comes with foreign travel, but so far, God has protected us from any serious illness or injury. Thank you, Lord! 

Please pray that He continues to watch over us and that our next few weeks here will be productive. Pray that God will continue to deepen our walk with Him and use us to draw those we encounter in Guatemala closer to the Lord. 

God bless, The Guatemala Team 

Dear Family and Friends, I have enjoyed being in a new country with lots of different people.It is difficult to talk with people because of the language barrier, but that just makes me want to show the love of Jesus by my actions even more. The people here are really friendly especially the guys! I have enjoyed the outreaches and singing, and the puppets are really fun too! I miss you Family wherever you are! – Grace

Dear Family and Friends, I have loved Guatemala so far, we did a lot so far. I miss all you guys . I am having fun here with all the kids. I love you family and miss you till I see you guys and have fun! God bless!! – Sabrina

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  1. Love the pictures of the team and the work being done. Liam looks great in a hard hat! I am and will continue to pray for you all and that God will continue to bless your work.

  2. It’s great to see the pictures of the “Team,” and all the hard work you are doing. We are praying that God will bless and take care of each of you, and that you have a fun time, too, that you will never forget. We miss our precious young lady from our church, but know that she is learning a lot and God is taking good care of her.

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