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Hello from Honduras!  The team continues to present the gospel through musical presentations and door to door evangelism.  

Tuesday we visted a new town, El Cacao, which means cocoa in Spanish.  They did a presentation at an elementary school and middle school.  That day was a holiday called Lempira Day celebrated by the Linca people, so the school children had decorated the school.  The team also did door to door evangelism until it was raining too hard to continue.  

Yesterday we went even higher up in the mountains to a new church and school.  During door to door evangelism, three people we talked with prayed to accept the gift of salvation.  That night, we attended the Wednesday night church service at the church in which we are staying.  It was a half hour long prayer meeting, and several team members expressed that this a powerful experience for them.  

Today we return to this most recent village to perform presentations at that same church and school.  The team has learned a new drama in which a sign is attached to a chair that says no touching in Spanish.  People mime touching the chair and then become stuck to the chair.  At the end of the drama, someone with a Bible comes to explain that the chair signifies sin and frees the group of people who have become stuck to the chair by sharing the gospel with them.

On Saturday, we will return to the Teen Missions Honduras base near Santa Cruz to work on construction projects.  One project may be the roofing of dorm buildings for the Bible school.  

Alyssa pointed out that we only have three more Saturdays left on this trip!  It has been a wonderful time so far, and we are excited to see what this next part of our time in Honduras holds in store.  

Team member testimonies…

This week has been cool because several people have gotten saved during the evangelism.  I gave the team devotional last night and it was good practice, although it was difficult for me.  Being on kitchen help duty is fun because I got to go with MIss Eliza to the cafe in La Esperanza to get internet to write this report.  It is funny to watch how crazy our team gets over food when it comes to meal time!  I am reading Psalms right now and there are a lot of psalms about God protecting His people, which is comforting.  Daisy

I like having kitchen duty because the kitchen help gets to eat in a quiet room away from our noisy team!  😊 It was a a little scary giving the team devotional, but I really enjoyed it.  A few days ago, we went to La Esperanza and did evangelism in a public park.  I was the only Spanish speaker in my group, and I think God used the little bit of Spanish that I know and made it enough for what He wanted.  When a native speaker is our translator during evangelism, I can help relay instructions from our translator to the rest of the team.  I have also been enjoying being able to play the cahone drum brought by Seth S. –Diana


Attached photos are of dramas we do for children during presentations, and one of Emerald with a girl who likes to play with us when we are at our home base church.  

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  1. Thank you so much for all the updates! I am praying faithfully every morning for you all! We miss Seth so much and his brothers ask about him daily, but am so thankful for him being able to be a part of the team, serving God and others!

  2. So glad to hear the work you are doing in Honduras. I’m even more happy to hear he the Lord is comforting Daisy. Thank you.

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