Salama from the Madagascar team!

Salama from the Madagascar team! This is Matt checking in quickly to give an update as we head out for our trip to the waterfall. We have had a blast this past week going out to the villages to spend time with them. Everyone seems to be riding with more confidence and spoiler alert… Some may ask for motorcycles/dirt bikes when we get home because they are enjoying riding so much! Our favorite game with the kids is freeze tag… And they really enjoy when the African children are it. You see one tall American running with 5-10 little African children storming a few steps behind. It’s a really funny sight to see.  Our report today is a shorter as we are heading out for the trip to the waterfall and where we will hopefully see some lemurs. We can’t believe that we start our journey home at the end of next week. We have also been enjoying our nightly team devotions were they are able to share about what they are learning.  It’s an encouragement as a leader to see growth. 
Madagascar 05


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