Sausdey (hello) from southern Cambodia!

Sausdey (hello) from southern Cambodia!
The team continues to go out on the motorcycles each day to teach Sunday school in different locations.  They are all doing so well riding the bikes and participating in the presentation.   The children seem to really enjoy the battleground drama and the songs and games.  Each team Member is taking a turn sharing their testimony and teaching the Bible story of their choosing. On Tuesday they visited an orphanage and had a wonderful time with the children there.  They kids were warm and friendly.  Several of the older children attended Boot Camp last year.  Everyone agreed that was their favorite stop so far. 

Life is peaceful here at the base.  We are in a rural area and watch farmers preparing their fields for rice planting and grazing their water buffalo and cattle.  We have had a nice breeze nearly every day which helps us to cope with the heat.  Most days it is near 100 degrees in the early afternoon.  In late afternoon, the clouds roll
In and rains come almost every evening.  The rain and clouds really help to cool things down for sleeping.  

The team has enjoyed a few trips into the local market to buy snacks and sodas.  It is a real culture experience to shop in the open market here.  

This weekend the BMW students from Siem Reap will arrive to work to get the rice fields planted on the property and prepare for Boot Camp that starts September 1.  We are all eager to be reunited with the new friends we made with the students.  On Sunday, the team is planning a trip to Phnom Penh for some sightseeing. We have been invited to dinner at a Former team member’s home.  She is in Cambodia for the summer doing an internship with Samaritans Purse.  It will be good to see her and eat dinner with her

Next week is our last week here at Kampong Chhnang. On June 30, we will travel back to Siem Reap for our last days here in Cambodia. Cambodia 16 Cambodia 16 Cambodia 16We have all been together for more than a month now and really feel like a family.  We have gotten to know each other quite well and enjoy our evening group devotion time of sharing together.  

We are all hoping mail arrives this weekend when the students come. 

The team is healthy and doing well.  They work hard.  Please continue to pray for our safety and good health for our remaining time here. 

From Zoe:  I have been learning to ride a motorcycle in the field at the base. It’s great here and I love the kids.  


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  1. Jacqui Daugherty

    Thank you for all the wonderful updates! So great to hear you all are doing well. I can only imagine how the kids feel at the orphanage to be so loved on. Alethia, I’m sorry there won’t be much mail for you in Cambodia. We love you, miss you and are very proud of you! Prayers to all.

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