Team Australia Completes Another Week of Work!

Team Australia Completes Another Week of Work!

Our team continues its work here at the Teen Missions’ base in Queensland, Australia. Some of the team have been leveling a driveway, preparing it for concrete. This week we also completed trenching for a power line that is being added to the bathrooms. This was a big goal to complete before the rains came. The kids are glad that is finished! Once the rains came on Saturday, we moved inside the chapel. There we installed lots of insulation on the walls. The team worked really well together, allowing much to be accomplished! We covered about 85% of the walls in one day. This is significant, considering the large size of the building. We’ll continue this work next week during the rainy times.

Friday we spent the first half of the day siteseeing at the beach in Noosa. It was a beautiful area. Hastings Street is adjacent to the beach, which offers many shops and restaurants—a fun change of pace for us all! Many enjoyed local food and Subway sandwiches.

Sunday, we visited a local Presbyterian church. We were invited there to perform a 10-minute presentation, which included 2 songs and a brief talk by teammate Tristen. They all did a nice job and were praised by the local congregation.

Jude says, “Fun, exhausting, hard, good food!.”

Erika says, “We’ve been working hard, growing closer together as a team and growing closer to God.”

Joshua says about the last week, “All I can say is that it was great!”

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  1. Good to hear how well things are going in Australia. I’m excited to hear what Tristan has to say when he gets back. Sounds like heaven after the stent in Florida. God bless you all sounds like a great job.

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