Ecuador PT wrapping things up!

As we wrap up our last week here in Ecuador, we are still as busy as can be. Friday will be our last work day and we are hoping to finish out with over a total of 300 fence posts. Monday was a very productive day on the work site. The kids worked very hard and got in 80 fence posts! That is twice the usual amount!! We have finally hit some ground that isn’t as hard and dry so it makes the digging a little easier. The kids have learned to use tools in many different ways and are excited to take those skills back home and continue to use them! (Hear that parents? Put them to work!)

Wednesday night was a fun night here in the Preteen house. The teen Ecuador team came over for dinner as well as AEcuador PT 70 Ecuador PT 70 Ecuador PT 70 Ecuador PT 70 Ecuador PT 70 DSCN4379 DSCN4375na, Doonia, and the children. We had over 50 people here! We enjoyed a delicious dinner of Indian Fried Bread with taco toppings. The team thoroughly enjoyed the company and being able to share what they collected from the beach for the teens. Spicer and Piper, the KP kids, found over 100 sand dollars that day! So they decided it would be a perfect present for the teens, since they don’t have the beach for their backyard. 

Thursday was our sight seeing day. We weren’t really sure what to expect going into the day, but it ended up being an awesome day! We hopped on a bus and rode down to the fishing port. It was about a 20 minute bus ride. Then we got everyone into life jackets and hopped onto two boats. We then took a boat ride around the sea, seeing many different types of wild and sea life. We never thought we would see so many pelicans! There were hundreds (literally) of them on one rock! We also saw horses running across the beach, as well as wild boar, donkeys, Blue Footed Boobies, crabs (We caught two…dinner anyone?), and a couple of girls managed to catch a fish while swimming. We stopped at one island and got to explore for a bit. Then we got back onto the boats and stopped at another part of the island to have lunch and go swimming. The kids liked this beach because the waves were bigger than the ones at our beach. Then on the ride back to the main land our boat drivers slowed the boats as we entered a pod of dolphins. All the kids jumped up in excitement and almost tipped the boat! We were surrounded by the dolphins as they continued to come to the surface. The challenge was trying to get a good picture! They are sneaky little fellas. Upon reaching the main land our tour guide took us to a plaza where the kids had an opportunity to shop. We found hammocks, knives, hats, blankets, backpacks, dresses, and just odds and ends. As we rounded out our shopping adventure Mr. Bob treated the team to some ice cream. It was muy delicioso! We got on a bus one last time to head home for laundry time and dinner. What started as a mystery ended up being an amazing day.

“Team work makes the dream work!” -Spicer Wadman

“I really miss you guys. Teen Missions has changed my view and my life in many different ways. I hope to return next year with friends from home. I miss you and all the siblings.” -Isaac Waller


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