India pouring lots of concrete!

There still has not been a cold front in India, but we are not losing hope. 

The India team has been busy. They have poured over 600 feet for the footer and have poured 21 columns for the fence line. The health of the team has greatly improved (along with their appetites. We are excited because we have had a couple of days of complete count offs.

Yesterday afternoon, we were able to take another trip into town. This was a nice break for the team. We took a “train” ride around the mountain where we saw some stunning views of the city of Vijayawada. We spent some time at a handicraft store before going to KFC or Dominos for dinner. Again, the ride in the city proved to be almost exciting as riding a roller coaster…

We got back at about 8:30 and Phoebe and Julia shared during devotions. After that we immediately went to bed.

It is hard to believe that a week from today, we will be flying to Delhi and on to Debrief. The team is looking forward to sleeping in AC and lots more shopping along with some sightseeing.

Please continue to pray for us – that we will finish strong, for the health of the team and for continued safety.

I am having the most wonderful time in India!!!,This is fun! Bye. – Abby

I am having an amazing time here in India. One thing the Lord is teaching me is to choose joy each and every day and try to find ways to pass that joy onto others. – Grace D.

Hello! The 2016 India team is currently performing construction on a security wall at the Teen Missions In India base which is mandated by the government. Please pray for us as we continue to work. – Max

The culture and many other things are different here in India. I love the people and their beautiful land and clothing. God has been speaking to me in many different ways on how blessed I am and how God is always with me even when the going gets really tough. Also, how He is my strength and constant companion. He has given me verses to help me with things I need to work on and remember, especially in Philippians where it says to be anxious for nothing, press on towards the goal and be content in all things. – Sarah G.

Hey! Everything is pretty awesome here in India. The Lord has been doing some amazing works through this new adventure in my life and the lives of others around me. I have learned so much and have gained the benefits of experiencing a different culture. – Emilie


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