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The Great Chicken Incident of 2016 

It all started on Monday, July 18th 2016.  The work day was just about to come to a close when Remington W. was working on his verse pack and reciting it to a captive audience of about 11 chickens.  Remington said “Repent, or ye shall live for an eternity in hell!”  At that very moment they ran into the near by sunflower field thus beginning the great chicken incident of 2016.  We had people running left and right trying to corral the feathery fowl back into their coop for about 15 minutes.  While some would look at this as a waste of time or a hindrance to the team, I like to think of it as a blessing.  (as witnessed by Aaron H.)

The team had a lot of fun in those 15 minutes and it was a nice break from mixing concrete. Speaking of concrete, we’ve just finished pouring the footers for the kitchen and have started laying bricks.  It’s kind of funny because before we came to the base here in Tanzania we weren’t sure what kind of work we were going to do, but we ‘knew’ we weren’t going to be laying any bricks.  So sure in fact, we didn’t even bother taking a block laying class!  But you know what they say, “when all else fails, wing it!”.  Luckily God knew what needed to be done and the BMW students here have done it many times and are doing a great job of showing us how to do it.  Also did I mention we have wheelbarrows?  Fantastic invention if I may say so myself.  It by far beats hauling hundreds of 5gal buckets of sand, gravel and cement back and forth.  

I’m sure I’ve said this before in a previous report but its worth repeating.  We have a really good team this year.  Sure they eat a lot (and I mean A Lot) and they may not be the cleanest bunch of people south of the equator but they’re all hard working and Spirit lead teens that love to get the job done and the job done right.  God has really been speaking a lot to us through our team devotions as well.  On Tuesday, July 19th, Hannah M. brought the word and I believe the Holy Spirit was behind every syllable she spoke.  She talked about her testimony and how our self image can impact us both physically and spiritually.  She said, “No one has a right to an opinion about my body besides me and my God.”.

Aside from all that there’s not much else to post at the moment.  We’re still harvesting corn, and will be until we pack out I’m sure, and the kitchen is starting to look like more than a few piles of dirt here and there.  Everything is going according to plan!  

Before I end this post I would like to try something new.  I’d like to start posting a “quote of the day” from the team members so that you at home can get a feel for what living with 18 teenagers is like on a day to day basis.  Every report will have 2-3 quotes that the team has said.  Let’s see how it goes.

-Quote of the Day-

These Chickens Need Jesus.”  -Remington W.-

Happy Birthday little brother”  -Seth T.-

You read this quote, now feel inspired.”  -Jayden H.-


So far we’ve been to two different churches here in Tanzania.  It’s unbelievable how much joy we see and are experiencing here.  Seeing God work through people right in front of you is incredible.  It’s also very beautiful here.  The mountains give an awesome representation of how powerful our God is. Hannah H.    

Hey guys, it’s Nolan.  This is an update on everything that’s been going on and how God is working here.  We wen’t to two really cool churches.  They praised the Lord like nothing I had ever seen before.  On our work project we’ve finished digging and are now laying bricks.  God is using this team for his glory.  I am learning many things and I’m sure I’m not done learning.  Continue to pray for our team. P.S. I love you my family. Nolan P. 

Africa is beautiful and It’s great to be back!  We have such an astonishing view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the base.  Our work projects haven’t been that hard, we dug a footer, mixed concrete and now we’re laying bricks.  My favorite part was digging the footer, for that is where Crack, Stack and I (Wack) really shined.  The weather here is perfect, not to hot, almost cold.  The work days are long but the food makes up for it.  We get all the food we need and then some. It’s really great!  I can’t believe we’re already halfway done here and in three weeks I’ll be home. It’s gone so fast and I’ve loved every second of it.  I do miss home, but knowing I’ll be home soon makes it so much better. Isaac W.  

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  1. patty pope Seth(T)

    Thank you for a very entertaining and descriptive post
    Great visual imagery!
    So happy that you are all learning, enjoying AND serving God

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