Trinidad completes 80% of footer

Trinidad has been very hot and sunny the past few days.  Although, it is the rainy season, it hasn’t rained in the past few days which is quite unusual for the rainy season here in Trinidad.  This has been a blessing for us though, because we have been able to work on the project the past couple days without any interruptions by the rain.  Since we had to start from the ground up on the work project this summer, we started with digging a 14″/12″, 400′ trench.  We then tied all the steel for the footer and pillars.  We also dug holes every 12′ for pillars filled with steel and concrete, and as of now we have laid about 80% of the footer thus far.  We hope to finish the footer in the next day or two, in which we will then start laying all of the blocks we have already purchased.


Kathleen- The work has been hard, but I’m learning how to give glory to God even when I’m grumpy. I’ve been mixing a lot of concrete, so when I get home I can mix all kind of concrete for my dad.  I like the church services here because you can feel the Spirit moving.  The Church is very generous and all have servant hearts.  Also, the food is spicy and I love it!  I’m sad to leave Trinidad soon, but happy to see my family and friends.

Randy-The church services have been very different from what I’m used to.  The worship is more spirit-filled. You don’t just learn in the church either, you learn from the people from the church who work with you on the work site.  We are nearly done with the footer and have finished drilling and filling the holes.  A part from that we just need to lay the bricks.  Even though we may not completely finish, we’ve still got a lot accomplished thus far.



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