Cuba update

As I write this rain is pouring down!  Most team mates have put on their swim gear and are taking an “earth” shower.  The rain is COLD but after a long, hot day of work, it probably feels pretty good.  The smiles and laughter are priceless as they dance about bathing in the closest thing we have all had to a shower in well over a month!!  The rain is actually an answer to prayer really.  In Cuba, the water gets turned off and on everyday.  We have learned to stock pile water when it is on.  Every other day is a good water day, where the water is on and has lots of pressure.  The tanks fill on those days.  Today was an “off” water day though and water was scarce.  We had what we needed for filtering water and washing dishes and bucket flushing toilets and that was it.  (And those we had because of Mindy and my savvy water saving skills…kind of like the squirrels do for winter, only they save nuts and we save water!!)  It has rained two days in a row now, which is kind of ironic since we tore off the roof to the sanctuary yesterday.  We sleep in that sanctuary.:-)  Before the roof came off, it had rained twice I think total since our arrival.  What are the odds, eh?  I try to put a positive spin on things to make our wet, roofless home a thing to behold.  Sleeping under the stars, being bathed by the moon`s light, all—natural AC, you know things like that.  The team handles everything well and takes these wild bumps in the road in stride.  The rain should stop before bed and we will squeegie the floors and we will be dry.  Our hosts feel terrible about us sleeping in the great outdoors but we reassure them with our adventurous spirits!  They literally smile and scratch their heads in wonder.:-) 


  1. What an awesome way to encourage the team!!! You all are missed by your friends and families back home. We are very proud of you all. Please know that you are prayed for. *Have you been able to receive your supplies?
    Jesus be glorified!!!! (Mom of Tyler B.)

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