Hello from Sunny China!

Hello from Sunny China!  We are pleased to say that the rain has left us & the sun has come out.  The team spent this week cleaning up the mess that the flooding left and returned to the work on their construction project.  Sam P, Garrett J, Sam J. and Emma worked on cleaning out the mud that had accumulated in the stone amphitheater we are building.  It was a very messy job, but they had fun doing it.  They were rewarded with a hot shower afterwards.  We enjoyed hanging out with this week’s campers.  Team members joined their teams as they did a variety of afternoon activities including bike riding, archery, scavenger hunt and craft time.  The team members build some great relationships with the team members.

On Saturday afternoon this week’s group of campers left and the team took this opportunity to go visit the homes of our missionaries.  The team split between their two homes and enjoyed some amazing “Western” meals.  In one home we had burgers & in another Taco Salad.  The evening was finished off by sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows together while we listened to our missionaries’ testimony.  It was a very blessed time.

Sunday the team had the opportunity to visit the church in Yangqu (our local rural community).  I think our team doubled the congregation size & many heads turned as the “foreigners” walked in the door.  Although we didn’t understand the words that were said in the service many the songs they sang were familiar.  After church we traveled to Pingyao, a local ancient city.  The team enjoyed traveling throughout this ancient city and buying souvenirs  to take home with them.  

Everyone agrees that they are disappointed that we are in our final week in China.  Many team members remarked that they feel like they just arrived.  The team is praying that the weather will remain sunny and that they will be able to complete their stone amphitheater.  Please pray for us as we head into this final week, that we will finish well!

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