Madagascar has been amazing

Hello friends and family, from the Madagascar team. This is Brittany reporting in!!! Today is July 24th (Sunday). We are at the TMI Base in Mahajanga, Madagascar. This past weekend, we had the chance to visit a waterfall about 7 hours away. We piled in the bed of a truck on Thursday and went on our way. Considering only about an hour of the road we traveled on was actually paved, it was interesting to say the least. But, after stopping for snacks and mentally preparing, we set out and eventually made it. We made it to our destination early Thursday evening, and explored a little around where we were and planned the activities for Friday. We were able to spend the night under an open pavilion and admire the stars and all of Gods creation. It’s crazy how many stars we can actually see when there is no light pollution. Friday, we woke up when the sun rose and had a nice views to observe for devos. Soon after that, we went on a lemur tour to see wild lemurs. We carried along our own snacks and coaxed them out of the woods so that we could feed them out of our palms. Needless to say, lemurs prefer crackers over lays salt and vinegar chips. We did get to feed them, and it was nice to experience them since they are an animal that is unique to Madagascar. We also got to go on a tour of a cave, it was really wonderful because it has not explored by a lot of people. We got to a point in the cave where there was a little hole you could squeeze through by army crawling and on the other side was a swimming hole. It was fun to see the team squeeze through and then fearless Mrs. Pat followed. She is not afraid to do anything that the team does!!! The water was chilly, and it was pitch black, so we got to imagine what kind of creatures we were swimming with, and how deep the water was. It was a once in a lifetime experience that we all enjoyed. Last but not least, we got to partake in swimming at a Malagasy waterfall!!! The water was blue and really clear, so it was cool to see something like that around here, because most of the water is gloomy and polluted. Mackell, BJ, Joe and Drew all climbed up on the rocks and enjoyed jumping off and throwing around a GoPro to get some good action footage. Emeline, Isabella, and Bethany took advantage of the waterfall in other ways. They used the fresh water/waterfall to get the closest thing to a shower and clean hair, since the airport. The whole team enjoyed the experience and we all agreed that it was really refreshing and a good chance to admire some of Gods most amazing creations. After a fun day, we piled back in the truck and treked back to the TMI base. The ride back was much nicer because we knew what to expect. It was nice to have a warm, home cooked meal from Mrs. Pat on Saturday evening. We appreciate all her lovely meals!!! 

Madagascar has been amazing. I don’t even know where to being. The kids here at such a joy and are so much fun to play with. I am looking forwards to our next presentation.- Shad 

Each journey out on thee bikes is like a brand new adventure. he incredible sights of this beautiful country are only the start. When we work with the kids I feel like I can see Jesus face in every single child. – August

I have enjoyed the experience of visit the Malagasy people. They are friendly and kind. The motorcycle rides to the villages are always an adventure. God’s hand is evident here. – Drew

It’s hard to believe we’re around a week away from being back in the states! This trip has flown by. I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve had at the base, finding productive things to do like mopping the floor or making concrete. Even more fulfilling than working on the Teen Missions base is the time we get to spend with the kids at different villages all over northern Madagascar. Because we don’t have enough bikes for everyone to ride out on their own bike, we’ve been riding doubles. This has been such a blessing because it means good one on one conversations while maneuvering the sandy roads of Madagascar. At the villages, we are usually welcomed enthusiastically. We do our presentation, then spend as much time as possible playing with the kids and showing a love and care for them that we hope the kids know can only come form Christ. My favorite thing to do during the time of running around and playing games is to scoop up one or a few of the younger ones and swing them around or draw in sand, or hold them until they fall asleep. It’s actually been a really beautiful experience to pour into these Malagasy children. It hurts to think I will probably never see them again, and I hope and pray that they will know my love for them is from God and that we make a lasting impact on their lives. – Emily 

Madagascar has been the most fulfilling experience of my lifetime. Working with the children has confirmed God’s calling of me into teaching overseas.- Laurel 




  1. Praise the Madagascar team and praise the King of all creation. Thank you, Brittany for your update and thank you Emily for helping me to see the love of Christ through your eyes.

  2. Loved reading about the difference being made in Madagascar. Thank you for being obedient to go.

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