Team Arizona ran their first VBS

Heroes of the Faith… Past & Present

This week, team Arizona ran our first VBS for about 30 Navajo children. Some of our team members were tired after the first 15 minutes! The theme was Heros of the Faith with a different Bible character featured each day: David, Samson, Noah, Daniel and on Friday, Paul & Silas. Of course we performed our songs, dramas and puppets. In addition, the team presented Bible Stories with actors from the team and from among the children. Members from Red Valley Church provided snacks each day and a ‘back to school’ gift bag on the last day. Our team added the new Navajo Good News Coloring Book to the gift bags. On Friday, we shared a program for the parents. The kids performed All in All, It is a Great Thing, and Child of the King!  Our team also shared songs, the drama Dividing Line and a few songs. We also presented the gospel with the visitors.

In the afternoons, we practiced for the next day’s VBS and did various work projects. We installed a shower stall (with a bit of drama when we loosened one of the valves and it popped out in a spray of water… (note to self… be sure to know where the shut off is BEFORE working on plumbing :-). The team leveled a volleyball court and set two new posts in concrete. They fixed erosion damage around foundations and sidewalks. We also cleared weeds, picked up trash and removed a misplaced crow’s nest.

Today, we plan to visit Four Corners Monument about an hour from where we are staying. This afternoon, we plan to pack up (to get ready to move back to Window Rock tomorrow) and practice for our Sunday presentation at Inscription House. This evening, the church is planning to fix Navajo Burgers and hot dogs for the team… Awesome!

Thanks for all of your prayers. They are making a difference. We plan to be back at Window Rock for our last week of project before debrief.

From the team members:

Jonathan Y — These past weeks have been great. Working with the kids in the VBS (Vacation Bible School) I have grown close to God. For being in Indian Wells, Red Valley and Window Rock we have grown so much. I had fun working with the kids and teaching them about God. We shared Bible Stories and songs. These past weeks have been a good experience.

David R — This past week here at Red Valley has been so much fun with having VBS and getting to learn about all these kids and what God has done in their life. Hosting this VBS was pretty fun and scary at the same time because I haven’t taken care of older kids which was 4th-6th graders. They aren’t that much older than me. I just thank the Lord I wasn’t too scared. He helped me through this week. During devotions God was showing me how I’ve been acting… that’s what I got from the verses I’ve been reading. I just want to thank the Lord for making me come on this team because this team is really great and really fun to be with. “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

Hannah C. —  Hey, Hannah here again. We have been in Red Valley this past week  It is so beautiful here.  Mr. Steve says it is like we have stepped into a calendar.  I agree. Everywhere you look is a new painting set up by the hands of God.  This past week we have been running a VBS (Vacation Bible School).  It was hard, but a lot of fun.  All the kids seemed to enjoy it.  We were able to do a lot of work around the church. We made a volleyball court and put in a shower.  Work went really well.  God kept us all safe even when we almost had a flood.  When the shower was being installed we had a problem and water was spilling out and the people helping were running around the building for the water turnoff. The strange thing was that the water turn-off was in the girls’ room (our room)…not outside.  But through the whole situation God definitely was helping because he helped to find all the pieces we needed to stop the water flooding problem.  Yesterday, we got to see the sun go down.  It was so much fun and so beautiful.  There are a lot of storms here.  They actually look really cool.  Yesterday, lightning was in the sky as the sun was going down.  It is so beautiful here the pictures do not do this place justice.  Thank you for all of your prayers and letters.  Have a God-blessed day.DSCN2935 DSCN2946


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