Australia Team approaches final week of work

Our team continues the construction efforts on the chapel building at the Australia Teen Missions’ Base. This includes more insulation installation and some exterior painting. 

On Saturday, the team enjoyed a half-day break at a nearby market. It’s an outdoor market, featuring lots of booths of food, clothes, crafts, etc. We all enjoyed trying some locally-made foods—a real treat! Several of the boys bought authentic Australian leather, and wide-brimmed hats to take home. A picnic lunch followed, making it a great day away.

Then on Sunday, we spent time at a local Anglican church. The congregation is small, with only 6 children present in the Sunday school class. Even still, they enjoyed our puppets, music and discussion time. The Sunday school leader asked several of the team members to share their story. So they did, and it was a good experience for them. Later that evening, we returned for the evening teen meeting, where we got to know older kids. We sang songs, shared testimonies, and played games with them. Another good time with the Australian people!

On Sunday after the morning service, we had another picnic lunch at the beach along the Noosa River. There we enjoyed a walk before returning to the base for some free time. We all enjoyed a few hours of rest. Most of us took a nap!

Bible quizzing followed. The kids are learning a lot of verses—about 30 now. Many of them can memorize really quickly.

We have several days this week where we’ll be travelling. The first is to another state school in Tewantin. There we’ll present to another elementary age group of students during their “RI” (Religious Instruction) class. It’s really amazing how God has opened the door for just Christianity to be taught in the public schools!

The second assignment is visiting a Christian radio station nearby. Some of our kids may be interviewed on the air and asked to tell about their experience on this trip.

Mary says, “I’m excited for the zoo.” This will be happening on Friday. She hopes to hold a koala bear. The entire team looks forward to that day of adventure!

That leaves Saturday for us to clean up and pack for an early-morning flight on Sunday!


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