Greetings from the beautiful island of Trinidad!

Greetings from the beautiful island of Trinidad! We cannot believe that this is our LAST WEEK in Trinidad–the time has flown! The end of this past week was a busy one. The team worked through Saturday and was able to complete the auguring for support columns and completed the entire footer for the wall! On Saturday they mixed the last few batches of concrete in order to completely finish! We are so proud of their hard work and accomplishment. This week, we look forward to laying blocks and continuing to work hard until we head back to Florida on Monday for Debrief. We have been blessed with beautiful sunshine and little rain which has allowed us to work outside without getting soaked and muddy. Please pray that the weather conditions stay favorable so that the team can make quick progress laying blocks! 

The whole team is excited for the sight-seeing/shopping day coming up. This week we will be going to Tobago for two days to visit the city/beach and shop for souvenirs! With the sightseeing and busy days of work, this week is already going by quickly. We are all experiencing bittersweet feelings about leaving– saying goodbye to the church family here will be difficult but everyone is excited to get home and see their family and friends. They have so many new stories and experiences to share! 


It has been awesome to come back to the beautiful island of Trinidad (Sophia was here on a pre-teen team last summer). The people are very nice to us. Although the work is hard it has taught me to work harder and get along with the team. Someday I hope to become a missionary here. -Sophia J.

Life here has been good! The food in Trinidad is amazing! We just finished the footer for the wall. It feels awesome to finish that part of the work project. On Wednesday we get to visit Tobago and I am really excited about that! -Ben C. 

Will send pictures in a follow-up email of the work happening today!


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