Greetings from Honduras!

Thursday, the team revisited the town of El Cerron higher up in the mountains to do presentations at a church and a school.  They were also able to do door-to-door evangelism.  Friday, we cleaned the church we had been staying in and bussed back down to the base.  Saturday the team traveled to a nearby children’ ministry to perform.   Sunday we all had the opportunity to visit the home church of our head leaders, the Chicas.  The church had a potluck that Sunday, which was delicious, and the team got to help with the church’s Sunday school program as well.  

Today the team has begun a construction project for the base, re-roofing a dorm building.  It is much warmer here than in the mountains and we are all happy to get caught up on laundry and having showers with running water again.  The plan is to continue construction the rest of the week and there may be at least one more opportunity for evangelism coming up as well.  Please continue to pray for health and safety.  The team is getting excited for debriefing time back in Florida and to see you all back home again.  It’s been a wonderful trip so far and God has really blessed our humble efforts to serve him.

Team member testimonies:

I woke up this morning with an ant on my arm!  Quite a pleasant experience… not 🙂  So as usual, I flicked it off.  I’m moaning as I get out of bed and almost fall over.  I’m so exhausted… but it’s all worth it, seeing the little children’s faces as we do puppets and sing songs.  For breakfast, we had something very interesting… rice with milk.  Never had that before.  In personal devotion time, I read Proverbs 13:20.  It says “he who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm”.  And I thought that was pretty cool. A couple nights ago, we got back to the base from the mountains, we walked into our dorm, and…. it was not pleasant!  The two local goats had somehow wandered their way in and left us a “present” all over the floor!  It stunk.  Everything stunk.  It was disgusting!  Three days later, it still stinks in there. What doesn’t “stink” is the children God has saved on our trip.  The kids here live in poverty but yet they still want to learn.  Their faces light up when you give them a bracelet (a bracelet with different colored beads representing different parts of the gospel story).  They take nothing for granted.  I’m trying to learn from them. – Abi S. 

Evangelism is interesting.  We go down to people’s houses and many of the people we meet are Catholic.  But some are okay with hearing the gospel.  Three people got saved on Thursday.  It’s fun to hear people speak Spanish, but it’s weird to be only able to understand a few words like “God” or “Jesus”.  The people we evangelize to are quiet as we talk to them and only respond with a few words, but I think they are interested by what we are talking about.  Back here at the base, I like it better because we have more space to do laundry.  We sleep in dorms here, and even though our dorm smells bad right now (see Abi’s story!), it’s okay because we have our own bathroom again!  And we can take showers! Today I read a verse in 1 Corinthians that says “follow my example as I follow the example of Christ”.  That was a really awesome verse because I remember reading it at home.  At home, it didn’t have so much meaning for me.  But here, people are watching us becase we’re from another country and also because we are representing Christ.  – Emerald

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  1. Thank you for another update! You are doing a great job of keeping us all informed and we appreciate it! We pray for you all daily. Haven’t heard anything about anyone being sick, so we are very grateful for that!! Thank you Lord! Continuing to pray for health, safety, unity and for opportunities for you all to share God’s word with others.

  2. I can’t wait to hold and kiss that wonderful smiling face of Augustyna and to learn from her all she has taught and learned from the church, environment, children, and most of all God. Safe journey’s the rest of your trip and may God bless you all and keep his arms wrapped around you all to keep you safe.

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