Kilimanjaro Trading Picks for Packs

        Thursday morning was a bitter sweet day for the team.  On one hand we were making very good progress on the brick walls for the kitchen.  On the other hand we had to knock it all down… Turns out brick laying takes a little more time and precision than what was previously expected.  The team, while a little upset, had a great attitude and decided that our first day of brick laying was just training and by the next day we had those bricks so straight and level you’d think we actually knew what we were doing.  Also we are pretty much finished with all of our corn and sunflower seed harvesting and have replaced that project with digging a hole for a septic system. Currently we’re looking at making one hole 30-40ft deep but have hit a layer of rock, clay and rocky-clay only a few feet down which has slowed our progress down quite a bit. That being said I don’t think we’re going to be able to finish this project.  On Wednesday, July 27th we’re going to be trading our our picks for packs and will be starting our trek up into the mountains to spread the Gospel and present Gods love to people who have never heard of Jesus before.  To say that the team is excited is an understatement, they’ve all been asking since day 1 when we’re leaving for the mountains.   I’m looking forward to seeing how this team comes together on the mountain considering in Boot camp we always had our backpacks with us and most of our classes involved evangelism.  Brick laying, hole digging and concrete mixing has been a lot of fun and seeing the projects come together has been rewarding but the greatest reward by far is seeing lives turn to Christ and that’s the reason we do what we do.  We will be setting out in the morning while a truck with all of our supplies drives ahead of us and sets up camp and gets the kitchens up and running for that evening when we arrive.  From there we will set out on shorter day hikes into the surrounding villages to share the Gospel and return to camp in the evenings for some R&R.  
     Keep us in your thoughts and pray that God will use us in mighty ways as we shake these villages for Christ.  


Coming on this trip has been so neat! I love meeting all the different people and seeing so many new things. I have really enjoyed getting to help harvest corn and sunflowers. Building the kitchen has also been a great learning experience.Today we went to our 3rd church service. Getting to hear all of their different songs and joining in on the clapping and dancing. God has been showing me so much and I can’t wait to see whats next!     Ashley S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I have had an amazing time on the field. I have grown so much closer to Christ here. I have also learned much about construction and digging through hardened clay and stone, since we had to do the latter to begin the construction. We set off for the mountain on Wednesday. I am so excited for this. We will be ministering to the villages on the mountain. Also mom and dad I bought a javelin/spear and am learning the guitar. P.S. Rhett I hope had an amazing birthday! Seth T. 

Hey Memphis! Africa is great. The people are just as good as Memphians. I’m watching cows right now in our front yard and they aren’t burgers. I can’t help but picture them on a Huey’s burger and fried pickles on the side. I’m doing the best I can to bring All Heart and the Grit and Grind to the continent. Kilmanjaro however definitely don’t bluff. During the day it’s the perfect temperature for a snowcone from Jerry’s, but at night it’s about right for coffee and a warm meal from Cafe Eclectic. I miss First Evan, MTAC and Memphis, but I’m glad I’m here in this amazing place. Love Ya’ll! Jake P.

Kilimanjaro 22 Kilimanjaro 22 Kilimanjaro 22


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