Malawi Well helps set up Boot Camp

We have had quite a busy week.  On Saturday we had the dedication of the well attended by many from the villages surrounding the bore hole we just drilled.  It was exciting for us to dedicate it to Jesus and to invite anyone to use the well regardless of religion.  When the Mosques build bore holes they do not allow Christians to use them.  Ours is the only bore hole that is open to all.  

We helped with two Sunday schools on Saturday one at 10:00 and one at 3:00 the well dedications was at 2:00.  In the evening we had another fun night.  We had popcorn did little dramas for each other and then roasted marshmallows with the circuit riders.  They had never had marshmallows and it was funny to see their reactions to them.  They did enjoy them so much.  Matthew and Harrison enjoyed the challenge of finding the sticks for roasting.  

On Sunday we attended the Living Waters Church the pastor was so excited to have us in his church.  The team preformed drama, puppets and sang songs and Mr. Maher preached the message.  We all enjoyed meeting this little but enthusiastic church.  After church we stopped for a cold coke and the teens also bought cookies. Mr. Maher found a man frying chips (french fries) so many of the team purchased them as well.  

After church we had verse review and then memory quiz review.  Our best quizzers are Coco, Sarah and Emma.  They we had to let the kids into the compound as they knew it would be our last night in Katema.  There were over 80 that came for games.  Our team really enjoys playing soccer and other games with the kids.  We learned a Malawian game about goats and hyenas which is always popular.  Jordyn, Claire, Sarah and Alex are our puppet dancers and do a great job.  Amanda loves to teach phonics.  The children love Joelle’s violin.  Cami, Andrew, Mariela, Eden. Lauren and Olivia where giving piggy back rides.  

On Monday Morning the 25th we packed up and headed to the main Mangochi base.  We will spend our last week here helping get Boot Camp set up which begins Saturday night.  We will also pour a slab.  The teens will also do ministry at the Heart of Faith Rescue Unit.  Our tent site is right on the beach of Lake Malawi.  It is beautiful.  We adjusting to the difference in temperature, it is much hotter here that it was in the mountains of Katema.  We are not missing the red dust however, so that is good.  There are more goats here and they really love to get into the kitchen so we have to be on guard.  

We look forward to all that God has for us this week.  On the way here we stopped at a nice little restaurant and the teens enjoyed cold drinks french fries and samosas ( little fried meat pies).  We will be here with the Malawi work team until they leave on Wednesday.  

Our last night around the fire in Katema was good.  We prayed for the village the Circuit Riders who we came to love, and for each other.  We have seen some wonderful growth in the teens.  The kids that that were unthankful are now saying thank you and please.  Those who had personality conflicts have worked them all out and the team truly loves each other.  Each morning we share what the Lord is teaching us in devotions.  Many of the team is reading in Psalms and its neat how the Lord is teaching them.  We did see something Saturday night that had most of our girls crying.  A man who was mentally ill was being chased down the road by a group of children who were teasing him and throwing rocks.  Our kids had never seen anything like that and it broke our hearts.  It happened in the middle of our library reading time.  We prayed for him.

We appreciate your faithful prayers.  We love these teens and thank you so much parents for sharing them with us for the summer.  Malawi Well 23


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  1. This has been such a blessing for us to see how these young people a willing to serve and give all they have to reach such a place that does not believe in God the way we do and yet get out there and reach so many lost souls. Lord continue to do your work in this place even after they leave for home.

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