Mangochi time drawing to a close

It’s hard to believe another week has passed by so quickly.  We have a busy week ahead of us but sadly our time here at the Mangochi base is drawing to a close. Our time here has been peaceful and educational.

Wednesday morning we are heading to our African Safari where we will be staying overnight in a lodge and will even get to enjoy a buffet.  Please pray that we will see lots of animals.  Unfortunately there will be no giraffes since they are not native to Malawi, nor will there be lions because they don’t have a perimeter fence that can contain them.  However, we have been told there are a few animals unique to the area and lots of elephants and zebras.  Our time there should be fun and then Thursday afternoon we are off to the Chipoka base.

Friday we are hopeful to go to the AIDS Orphan Unit near the base.  The team visited the kids when we were at Chipoka the first time and they are eager to see the again.  Saturday morning we head to Lulongwa and to the airport.

Today, Monday, is our last day on the work site.  The team is working hard to get as much done as possible.  Anna E., Katie J., and Kyleigh P., have been carrying water in buckets African style… on their heads.  Water has to be hauled from the water pump out back of the building to the work site.  The girls  had fun with the job and learned quickly how to balance the water, however, they did have to use their hands to help.  

Everybody has been hands on somewhere on the work site.  Erin G. got to teach a Malawian team leader, who is in leader training, how to mix the mortor to the correct consistency while Everett K. helped another leader lay bricks for the foundation of the side walk in front of the building.  Tommy E., Katie M., Ashton F. and Andrew L. have been helping get the forms up on the top of the walls for the long lintels that form the top of the wall.  Kym R. has been a big help mixing cement to go in the forms.  Abbie S. has had KP today and has brought her usual energy to the kitchen.  We are thankful for a team willing to work hard and for the chance they have had to work side by side with the staff and BMW students on our building project.  

The weather has been warm a little warmer during the day but we are keeping up with our water intake.  The evenings are cool and comfy in our tents.

Sunday we got to go to a local Yao church in Mangochi.  It was fun to partake in the traditional songs and we enjoyed the sermon taught by the pastor, who spoke great English.  We men many wonderful people and even a couple from Uganda who are ministering to the Yao people as they learn the language.  The team did their presentation at the church also and they sounded great!  We even got to see a HUGE Bilbob tree that was knocked over.  Laying on its side, it was as tall as a house. The bottom side was exposed and it was hollow inside for about 30 feet.  We had fun taking pics with the trees and the kids.

A highlight of our evenings has been having a camp fire on our side of the beach.  It’s dark out and the stars are beautiful as we sit around the fire and chat.  The last few campfires the BMW students have joined us.  It’s been a fun time of getting to know them more.

As always, please pray for safety as we travel.  Please pray that the Lord would continue to teach us what He would have us to learn here in Malawi.  Thank you for all your prayers so far!



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