Zambia Eyeglass and Medical Update

After a busy morning of library, breakfast, devotions, Bible marking and repacking our tent we again took a team photo and began the three and a half hour journey to Mukema. The distance was only twenty-five miles but sometimes road conditions only allowed us to go at a quick walking speed. Part way there we stopped for bread at St. Mary’s market, where the team was eager to snack up. before continuing we all enjoyed fritters that Mrs. Yoder prepared the day before. A teen began the day in the sick tent after an upset stomach and returned there after arrival in Mukema. After twenty-four hours of rest she was on the go again. 

Once our tents were set, David K, Christina M, Micah W, and Jonah H, helped carry water from a small stream approximately 200 yards away. We were grateful for PB&J sandwiches, carrots, and Kool-Aid for supper prepared by Jonah H, and Courtney G. Afterwards, Christina M shared in devotions. 

Each morning Mr. Yoder and I prepare a campfire and braiser fire. This morning we were refreshed with toast, bacon, eggs, cereal, applesauce and tea. Faith W and Emma M are helping in the kitchen today. Mady F, Christina M, and Ewing w, started the medical clinic while Tasha L, David K, and Kayla W, started the eye clinic. Today was the first we taught phonics. Jade T and Jonah H taught grades 5-7 and Cassie T and Ryan E taught grades 1-6. Some of the others entertained with a puppet show. Tonight we look forward to hearing from Faith W at devotions. We will operate the clinics here for two more days. So far the lines are slow but steady. We plan to show the Jesus Film again Friday evening and go to a church in the bush on Sunday before our five hour trek on Monday morning back to Ndola. – Ed M.

Team member testimony:

“We’ve been here in Zambia for 12 days and its been really eye opening of the tremendous amount of needs these people have. I now see how much money we waste in America on ourselves while people are living in terrible conditions and/or starving. There is also a big need for missionaries. If anyone doesn’t know what God wants the to do, Zambia is a great place to serve. And although the kids have basically nothing in the bush, they are so joyful. This shows how many materialistic things are desirable but truly empty.” – Ryan E.

Mr. Yoder and I left for St. Mary’s around 2pm to get some groceries and where we could get to an area to email our team report. Once there, we discovered the power was off and would not be back on till 6pm. We did our grocery shopping except eggs which no one was selling then headed back to the Redeemer Rescue Unit where Kingsley and Lepel are the facilitators. We hoped to send our report from a hilltop partway home close to 6pm. Thankfully the power was on when we got there but after numerous unsuccessful attempts to get online we turned around and went back to St. Mary’s shy of an hour away. Sitting right below the tower, we still could not connect and noticed the lights from town were out so we resorted to a brief phone call to TMI and once again started home. 

Saturday afternoon, Micah W. and Miss Eden slaughtered chickens after a demonstration by Moses from the unit. Grace M., Cassie T., Micah W., Eddy D., Miss Eden, and Mrs. Yoder plucked and prepped the feathered friends for supper.

Last night we showed the Jesus Film. Afterwards 12 Zambian youth accepted Jesus. After the film in Funda, approximately 60 became Christians. Pray that these souls will be faithful to Christ! There was minimal activity in the medical clinic today and none in the eye clinic, as few people can read in this community.

Sunday morning we attended Mukema Baptist Church. The service started after a 45 minute wait. After beginning, the team presented Battle Ground drama, two puppet shows, sang, and Ewing W. shared his testimony. Tomorrow morning we leave for Ndola Teen Missions base. We left the Mukema unit around 9:40am and along the way enjoyed PB&J sandwiches with snacks from a fuel stop and interviews about individuals daily lives at home helped pass the time. At Ndola, Barbra Paisley treated us with supper upon arrival. Tomorrow we will catch up on rest and classes before heading out for a couple of day trips to wrap up our project in the medical and eyeglass clinics. – Ed M. and Eden V. 

Team member testimony:

“These last two weeks in Zambia have been quite an adventure. We have been moving around to different units and bonded closer as a team since we only have God and each other to rely on. My favorite part is treating different wounds and seeing the look of relief on patients’ faces. Seeing how joyful the natives are when they have nothing amazes me. Daily devotions have brought me closer to God and showed me that he has a plan for everything! Joshua 1:9 gives me hope when I am feeling homesick or discouraged.” – Kayla W.



  1. Your beautiful testimonies are very encouraging! Many blessings to you as you continue your service!

  2. Annette and Michael Scanlan

    This all sound like you are all learning about what our Lord has to show you about His love for you and and all His people no matter their circumstances. He is opening your eyes to those in need so you can appreciate what you have and how you can use what He has given you on your return home. All of you take care and enjoy the rest of your trip. Especially all our love to Christina.

  3. Praise God who deserves all the glory! Reading this made my day today! Go young people – Christine M. and the rest of the Team. Praying for God’s continued strength, protection, and provision. May He work in and through you and get all the glory!

  4. Rochelle Wilson

    Makes appreciation for our lives here in the states much easier to attain …continue on, Soldiers

  5. To Ewing W. and Team, you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May God be with you.

  6. Robert and Mary Ann Wiley

    Thank you so much for this report and update on how the Lord is blessing your Zambia Eyeglass and Medical Team. This was an excellent summary that Kayla W. articulated. We are the grandparents of Ewing W. and have been praying for your team’s successful ministry
    and protection. We have also been praying that the Lord would reveal His perfect will for each of the team member’s lives and calling.

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