Arizona Back to Base at WIM in Window Rock

Pack out went smoothly Sunday morning in Red Valley and the team loaded the bus after a quick breakfast and began the three hour journey to Inscription House where we were scheduled to share a full presentation. The team changed into our ‘Sunday best’ and had a quick practice before the service began. Jonathan and Jay gave their testimonies and the team shared our ‘new to us’ drama ‘Dividing Line’. The church fixed lunch for the team. We had Navajo tortillas and roasted mutton! Afterwards, the team swung into gear and assisted the church members with cleanup. We then loaded the bus for the scenic drive back to WIM at Window Rock. It felt good to be back to our summer ‘home’ on the hilltop after two weeks out on projects. We had a great time in the prayer tower overlooking the town during our team devotions.

On Monday, the team returned to work on the upper road leading up to the transmission building at the base of the radio tower. We also took down the last obstacle, the Wall, to be stored for next year. We appreciate your prayers. God is so good.

From the team members:

Elizabeth R — I’m pretty sure this week I’ve seen more beautiful sunrises and sunsets than I have in my lifetime. It has made me realize just how much God loves us. Even after we’ve had a bad day, he still shows his handywork in the sky. Psalms 19:1 — The heavens declare the Glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” He has shown me that He loves us all enough to show off his love in the sky with rainbows in the sunset after the rain. (We had that Friday night.) We also enjoyed the radiant, brilliant and broad pink sunset last night as we ate our first meal back at WIM. My first thought was “Wow! God has truly been with us and our ministry.”

 Nate N. —  While we were in Red Valley, we were doing VBS with about 30-35 kids. We shared the Word of God with puppets, storytelling and drama.  The kids really enjoyed it. They were amazed at what God had done.  We shared laughs with them also as we played games together. Some of them enjoyed participating in acting out the Bible stories.  On the last day of VBS it was heartbreaking to say goodbye because some of the kids didn’t want us to go. They really want us to come back next year. We handed out school supplies at the end of the week.  

Cody P. — Hi!  The team did well with the VBS.  We had a lot of fun and we were sad that the little kids had to leave. The church treated us to Navajo burgers on Saturday night, our last night there in Red Valley.  On Sunday morning we presented at Inscription House and after the service they fed us mutton.  We had a good time on the bus ride back to Window Rock.  We were happy to be back and were reminiscing about our first few weeks here at WIM.

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