Ecuador is so amazing!

The work site is a busy place today. Walls are close to complete, the outhouse roof is on and walls are going up, a lean-to is being built along the side of the container and steel is being tied for the final footer. Power will soon be available as the electric lines are now to the building. Soon we will have all we need to run a Boot Camp in Ecuador.

Tonight was a fun evening (Monday). It had been another very good day at the work site and everyone was in good spirits. The girls had their Grubby to Grace class and the boys had God’s Gentleman where they discussed good manners. They greeted the girls at the door as they returned from class and seated them in the available chairs and were quite the gentlemen. We snacked on marshmallow treats and went into devotions where Jace and the fabulous 8 performed the drama they had been working on. It was a good end to a good day.

Now for a few testimonies :

Since arriving here in Playas we have accomplished a lot. It’s cool to look through the pictures on my camera and see how much the work site has changed. When we got here there was a big, blue container and fourteen columns of rebar coming out of the ground. Now there are fourteen concrete columns, an almost completed bathroom (thankfully!), a lean to roof, and a large portion of the block walls. We’re all proud of how much work we’ve done so far. I personally have also enjoyed going to different churches on Saturdays and Sundays and seeing the differences, and similarities, between America and Ecuador. Giving our presentation is always a fun part of the service and I enjoyed getting to share my testimony this past Sunday. I can’t wait to see what else will be accomplished in the next two weeks. Morgan M.

Being with TMI has changed my life! I have learned: block laying, roofing, post digging, how to mix mortar and lots more. One of the most exciting parts of the day is when we all get into the truck to get to the work site. After a 20 min truck ride everybody is awake and ready to work. By the end of the day were all tired and ready to eat. When we get home we take shower, eat, do devotions then go to bed. The life with TMI is very exciting. Mickey H.

Ecuador is so amazing! Not only are we accomplishing a lot on the work site here in Playas but we are also growing as a team! We have so many new projects on the new base. The outhouse is almost complete as well as the lean-to next to the container! Block-laying is going great! We are almost completely done with two of the seven walls! It’s nice to see how much everyone has grow these past five weeks not only physically but spiritually as well! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the two more weeks here in Ecuador and on to debrief! -Katherine G.

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