Poland teaches ESL classes

     Your European travelers are at it again! This past Sunday we took yet another stop by Germany. A small church invited us to come and share in their service and asked us to share our presentation with them. One of our new Ukrainian friends delivered a sermon as our host missionary, Mr. Richard, translated both into German and English so everyone could understand. Then the whole team was able to go visit the ‘Romantic Ruins’, a small ruined castle in the area. There was plenty of trails to hike up and around, with many beautiful views of Germany below. The ruins also had an underground area, a basement type place, which had glorious acoustics that we just had to try out a few songs with. Hannah H, Hannah S, Lucas B, and a few others sang a beautiful rendition of It Is Well With My Soul. After our visit to the ruins, we were able to return to the church and sit down for a cup of coffee. We also were able to take part in a game, with Katie J winning the ultimate prize of the beloved jar of Nutella.

     Today we start on our ESL classes. This morning, Katie J, Joshua B, Lee P, and Caitlin N all sat down and put together a lesson plan that they are going to be testing today. They’re all very excited to try the games they’ve put together. It’s so great to see them looking forward to, not only teach the kids ESL, but also being able to teach them more about God’s word. We’re going to be teaching ESL for the next few days. Unfortunately not a very long time to teach, but the children here seem very excited to learn as much English as they can in our small space of time.

      The kids have also been spending the day straightening rebar on the work site. Later on, that rebar will be used for roof support in. We’re going to be switching back and forth kids between the worksite and teaching classes so everyone gets a chance to teach the kids. 

     The kitchen has been blessed, once again! Our host missionarys mother brought us a huge crate of cucumbers and huge crate nectarines. We’ve definitely never had a shortage of food, and we’re so grateful for all we’ve been given. God has been so kind to us through the people He’s placed around us. Tonight, we’re going to be eating a Thanksgiving style dinner. Erik is on KP (Kitchen Patrol) today peeling potatoes for the mashed potatoes and Aryn is working on our stuffing. Two yummy side dishes to complete the meal. The kids always love their KP days, as they’re all thrilled to get the chance to try their hand at working in the kitchen. They also love being able to know the secrets of the kitchen, maybe do some taste-testing, or just even know what we’ll be having for dinner (or dessert) before the rest of the kids find out. 

     We’ve been able to get plenty of small clean up jobs done around our small home here as well. The kids have been diligently scrubbing walls, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and preforming other small tasks around the church. The place is slowly looking better and better each day. By the end of the week we’ll have this place totally spotless and clean, leaving it better than when we came.  

     As our final week has started, there’s a slight anticipation towards heading home. At the same time, however, we’re already getting a little sad to say goodbye to Mr. Richard, Mr. Miro (our construction/wisdom specialist), and all the other friends we’ve made. It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been here for a month and we’ve done and seen so much. 

      We’ll be getting in our last report later on this week, so until then!

Love from Poland.

“So far I’ve had an amazing time in Poland! One of the coolest experience I’ve had here is going to the church. Unlike in America, the people pray out loud all at once, and at multiple times throughout the service. Another cool experience was going to the tunnels dug by the Nazis. I also feel that we have been surrounded with good role models, allowing me to mature both spiritually and mentally.”  -Lee P

“Poland is just amazing! So far, we have visited many large castles and beautiful churches that show the amazing architecture of Poland. The history of Poland is so rich and it even goes back almost 1000 years. It’s just amazing! I’m so glad God has sent me to this amazing country, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my summer.”  -Joshua B

“Hey! Poland is so much fun so far! We’ve done everything from stacking roof tiles and chipping blocks, to cleaning house and teaching Polish kids English. Our amazing travels have included trips to Germany, visiting a concentration camp and castles, and exploring big cities like Wroclaw. The Lord is working in us and through us here in Poland, and we know that He will continue to do great things in this country!”  -Lucas B



  1. Thank you for the report. Sounds like a lot fun. Keep up the good work and finish strong. You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers. Shout out to Erik.
    Donald and Memy

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