122 kids showed up for the Summer Scheme in Ireland

Hello! I think the Northern Irish people are impacting us…we are slowly becoming accustomed to drinking tea after everything! And I mean everything. We are developing a taste for it…you can always count on Abby asking after every meal “does anybody want some tea?”.

This week is our last week in Northern Ireland! Wow, time flies. This week we are hosting the kids club in Rathcoole at the Belfast City Mission, where we are staying. On Monday, 122 kids showed up for the Summer Scheme! We definitely weren’t expecting that many children, and neither was the mission but we praise GOD that we were able to bring that many inside the church’s door! Tuesday night was Teen Night as well, and around 20 teenagers showed up for that. The team was able to present a drama, play games and just hang out with the local teenagers, I think they really enjoyed it! The kids club will run through the end of the week, and Teen Night will beWednesday and Friday night.

On Tuesday morning we had some extra time, so we took a fun little bus ride around Belfast to visit some things we hadn’t seen yet. We got to see Stormont, a government building and also the oldest building in Northern Ireland. We also got to see the dry dock where the Titanic was built and the peace walls which divided the Protestants and Catholics (Loyalist and Nationalists). We got to visit a little bit of the Ulster Museum, but didn’t have quite enough time to finish it. On Thursday morning we will be visiting and touring the police station and thank them for everything that they’ve done to make sure we are safe and welcomed!

This weekend we are looking forward to a fun day trip to Dublin! We will be doing some souvenir shopping and also visiting the Dublin zoo! The bus ride will only be an hour and half or so…the team is so excited for this cultural experience and being able to visit another major city on the island.

With Love, 
The Northern Ireland Team

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