The China team is in it’s final days here…

The China team is in it’s final days here at the Joy in the Journey camp.  I don’t think there is a single team member who is looking forward to leaving.  Many team members say they miss their families & the comforts of home, but no one wants to leave.  Three to four team members are already discussing plans to return here next year.  What an amazing summer!

This week our final group of campers arrived.  Two team members, Sam J. & Logan, had the privilege of serving as camp counselors and are getting to sleep in the air-conditioned dorms, because the camp did not have enough national volunteers this week.  They were both excited to enjoy these creature comforts!  The remainder of the team has been working hard at completing our construction projects before we leave.  The brick wall that we tore down two weeks ago is being finished up this week.  The camp chose to hire some local brick layers but Isaac L. has been working hard right alongside them ferrying bricks and mortar to them.  On the other side of camp, about half of the team has been working hard at finishing up the rock amphitheater.  The team was able to lay the foundation & internal walls earlier this week.  They are now working on a dry stack wall that will surround the amphitheater.  The team is anxious to finish the project, although we only have one more work day here in Yangqu.  On Friday, the team plans on spending the morning packing their stuff, cleaning up the worksite and preparing to leave.  Then we will spend the afternoon & evening with the campers.  Saturday morning we will board a bus to travel to Taiyuan to catch our high speed train to Beijing.  The team is looking forward to exploring the Great Wall & other sights in Beijing.  Monday afternoon we will board a plan to fly back to the US.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the team as we travel & sightsee.

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