Fair Share Ministry in Indiana

We are getting to the end of our fair share ministry.

Last night we went to Edwards County Fair and the Laurence County Fair, we did about fifty surveys between the two groups. It was a little discouraging because they were small fairs and a lot of people said no. But we are persevering and it’s our goal to get to the finish line strong. 

We went to Holiday World on Monday and that was a blast. We rode quite a few roller coasters and towards the end of the day Anthony, Cory, Caleb J. Caleb H. Satta, Nata and myself rode the Voyager about four times in a row, it was a blast. It was voted #1 Wooden Roller Coaster for five years in a row. 

We left Holiday World exhausted and ready for bed, it was the first night that I didn’t have to tell the guys to be quiet and go to sleep. 

“Holiday World was totally awesome! Being able to spend the day w/out wearing boots and pants was the best! The roller coasters were so much fun and the water park section was pretty relaxing. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and enjoyed the whole day.” -Tonekup C

 “The past days have been a roller coaster. We went to Holiday World and have a great time as a team. We have also started a new set of fairs and there have been a lot of great conversations. We bonded together in a new way by playing basket ball, and a side of the team I had never seen before came out! We had a great time.” -Caleb JIndiana 21 Indiana 21 Indiana 21 Indiana 21 Indiana 21 Indiana 21 Indiana 21


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  1. The last few days may be the hardest. Just remember perseverance is loved by the Lord! Keep up the great work and don’t let each other get discouraged. You all are doing great! Love and prayers from Florida!

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