Nepal enjoys elephant safari

As a team we are never short of interesting things to see, experience and do. I know some of you have been waiting for this report for a few days and I am sorry that it is late. We were able to plan a safari trip to a national park for a few days and did not have internet and computer, thus just now getting it out. Before leaving, we spent a day at a different church out in the village. It took us a long time to get there after stopping in town to pick up a translator, church elder and his wife. The church that we went to is a sister church of the main one in town and from time to time an elder goes out and visits the churches to encourage them and do some teaching. They have 13 sister churches around the outskirts of Kathmandu and the one that we visited has been worshipping in a home up until 3 weeks ago. They recently were able to obtain a small building to have as there church home and were so receptive of us being there. They were greatly encouraged to see teenagers involved in the church as it is very uncommon to get teenagers to have any interest. In the afternoon we napped and some of us felt a small “earthquake” that lasted about 4-5 seconds. (Remember that we sleeping on the ground and were able to feel it much easier than if we were in a building.) Nothing to get worried about, as it was more of a tremor and the excitement was soon over as no one even remembered it after a couple of hours.

On Sunday, we traveled to Chitwan to the elephant safari and resort. The roads in Nepal mountainside are “unbelievable” and that is said with great emphasis. We learned what trust is all about, as we had to put our trust in the bus driver and his ability to navigate the mountain roads. We enjoyed time seeing elephants, rhinoceros, monkeys, crocodiles and rice fields the southern plains of Nepal. We met a young man at the resort from England who is here teaching English and works at a rafting resort about half way home, he invited us to stop at his place for lunch along the river which we accepted. This was a nice break on our travels back to Mendies Haven. He had a lot of questions and we were able to share the gospel truth with him, and we will continue to pray for him.

We safely arrived at the elephant safari in the town Chitwan. I was surprised how much more humid it was here than in Kathmandu. The resort was fantastic and the people were so generous always having wonderful meals planned for us they were so delicious it was hard not to return for seconds or even thirds. We got to see lots of Elephants old and young (I wanted to take one home) I was very thankful for the air conditioning and warm showers we received in the rooms. It is neat being out of the city seeing a new perspective of Nepal. I loved the opportunity we got to ride the elephants. While on the elephants I not just enjoyed scouting for other animals such as rhinos and deer but being able to talk to our elephant rider and hear about his life journey of no school education and being on an elephant since he was 13 in order to provide for his family. It was a great trip and adventure we got to have so grateful for the new opportunity to learn more about the culture and experience something new. -Anna W

The construction work on the bathrooms is going well. The brick foundation is laid along with the cement slab on top, and the walls for the new bathrooms are started. Laying brick was a great experience. On the elephant safari in Chitwan we got to ride elephants, which was really fun. The food was fantastic. Hey family! I love you, and I miss you! -Luke W

Dear Friends, Family, and everyone else who reads this that I don’t know,

Nepal is amazing, and God is good. We have been to church in Nepal and the market three times; we’ve gotten to share a meal with the kids here; we’ve been blessed by a safe and exciting trip to Chitwan. It’s been very beautiful to see what God is doing in the lives of my team mates and in the lives of the Nepali people. I love praying and singing with the kids. The joy they have is infectious. The trip to Chitwan opened our eyes to the struggles in Nepal. It took us 8hrs to get to the resort and 12hrs to get back. There is a stretch of road where mud slides are common and construction is ongoing. We sang for 2hrs straight in order to cope with the sketchy road. I never want to be a bus driver after riding to and from Chitwan. We noticed many houses in places that look inaccessible. This testimony is getting pretty long, so I’ll wrap it up. I am excited to make the most of my last few days in Nepal. Keep praying for our team, the kids here, and the nation of Nepal. There is of evidence of God’s handiwork and I’m waiting to get home to share it with everyone.

Claire, thank you for your daily notes. They are an encouragement to the girls on our team. I love all you guys at home!!!  -Rebecca D

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  1. I have loved reading the updates from all of you. I am Mr. O’s (Tim O’Donnell’s) sister and have been praying for all of you. So excited that you got to go on such an adventure to see and ride elephants! I know all the work you are doing is for the Glory of God and you will all be blessed abundantly! Looking forward to hearing about the whole trip from my brother. May God Bless you all with spiritual, mental and physical strength in these last days of your mission (and when you come home!)

  2. what a great update this is So much for this Team to experience. mking memories for a lifetime. thankyou for the News Special Hugs to Dayana. love,, gramma

  3. Thank you for email, so good to see the team

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