A very busy week in Canasi, Cuba

We have had a very busy week in Canasi!  The church threw a celebration concert at a local community center this past Monday.  Even if one was not in attendance, the music could be heard throughout the entire area, I am sure!  Everything was in Spanish but many songs were familiar to us, so we could worship alongside our fellow Cuban brothers and sisters.  It was a lively event, very typical to Cuban culture I think.  They know how to throw a good party!  Two churches came together to throw the event.  The venue was full to overflowing, with many crowded in the streets too.  We sang one song.  We were late to bed that night as the concert lasted well into the night.  The next day, we loaded onto a clunky school bus and headed out to Jicaboa Beach.  The water was blue, blue, blue and clear.  It was truly beautiful and very exotic.  We swam for two hours, playing in the waves and exploring the rocks nearby.  We enjoyed a Cuban lunch of grilled chicken, beans and rice, and fried plantain chips.  Delicious!!!  After the beach, we put our travel clothes back on over our sandy, sun—kissed bodies, and journeyed to Havana.  We all put our bartering skills to good practice as we shopped in a local market with savvy shop keepers.  Many trinkets, and souvenirs were bought, which I am sure are intended for most of you!  We spent a few hours at the Parque Morro Cabana, which is a fort on the water`s edge of Havana.  During the revolution, it was used as a prison but now it is used for historical purposes, which of course draws the tourists!  We stayed late and witnessed the canon ceremony.  Every night, the army loads one canon and shoots it off at 9 pm.  It is done as a symbol to help the people remember the past.  The canon use to explode at 8pm as a means to let people know the gates to the city were closing: nobody in and nobody out.  It was LOUD!  My ears might be ringing still!  There was a full crowd, with many people eager to see and hear the canon.  Afterwards we had a late supper of fried pork and chicken, rice and veggies, before driving the two hours back to our Cuban home.  Today we are finally pouring the roof!  The rock arrived late yesterday which will enable us to finish what we came here to do: put on a new roof.  Thank you for praying! Tomorrow, our hosts have planned a beach outing and hike for us.  We will be gone all day.  Saturday, we are packing up and Sunday we fly back to the USA.  Keep an ear out for ringing phones as your sons and daughters will be calling you Sunday sometime!  

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