Clean water for the village of Katema, Malawi

We write to you from the Mangochi base here in Malawi where we have been staying since Monday the 25th. On Tuesday we started our work project here which has been to unload bricks, and level and pour a concrete floor. The other work team completed a dorm room and we just poured the floor and will start laying bricks for another dorm room today. We also helped dig the slough for the Boot Camp. 

We are finding it very different here. We had outhouses and thatched bathing rooms and now we have bucket flushing western toilets and shower stalls with no shower heads or running water to bucket bathe in. We believe it or not, are missing our more rustic conditions. The leaders do love the new kitchen here it is much bigger and less buggy. The older head leaders do appreciate the western toilets. 

We set our tents up right on the beach and now have to watch out for the sand spiders. It was ants in our other location. It can be a bit difficult to sleep as the fishermen work all night and shout and yell and at each other. It is pretty to see the lights of the boats on the horizon each night, but when their nets are full they start yelling for help to haul them in—usually about midnight and this continues til 5 AM. We are surprised at how many of the teens are sleeping right through this. 

There is no trouble with how this team eats. Several of the team had 12 pancakes for breakfast. Our eaters are Sarah, Eden, Amanda and Miss Abby. None of the boys can keep up with these ladies. Overall we are doing so well. We had two get a 24 hour stomach bug—Jordyn and Matthew both are better after some rest and a diet of rice, apples and crackers. We are praying it does not sweep through the entire group. 

Spiritually we have seen so much growth in these teens. We love hearing each morning what the Lord is teaching them. Last night Harrison jumped out at a group of girls and we heard the screams all over the compound. They love to have fun with each other. 

Alex and Lauren are on KP today and we asked them what they have enjoyed most about their summer.

Alex said, “ He has enjoyed both the well project and the work here. He loves that he had such a variety of work to do.

Lauren said she loved going to the Sunday schools to teach and play with the children.

Mariela, Andrew, Emma, Cami, Olivia, Joelle, Coco, Sarah, Eden, Amanda, Jordyn, Matthew, Alex, Lauren, Harrison and Claire are all having a great experience. 

There are lots of goats on this property and you hear them bleating all day long. One goat gave birth to twins the day before we arrived, they are cute. There is one bird here who sounds like an alarm clock, it has woken up more than one person thinking its their own alarm. 

We plan to lay brick on this next dorm hoping to get to cap beam level before we go next Wed. The national Boot Camp begins on Saturday night and we are looking forward to attending the rallies at night to worship with fellow teens. It will sure get busier around here. 

It is much warmer here and we all enjoy the cold water over our heads as we clean up each evening before our team devotions. 

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for our team! We are so blessed to know that the well we dug is now providing clean water for the village of Katema, and we know our work here will bless the staff and students at this base. 

Parents: we really love these kids!!! They keep us laughing and we are so amazed by their hard working spirits and how teachable they are. You did a fantastic job raising these kids, its difficult to think about leaving them. 


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