Greetings, one last time from the lovely country of Poland!

Greetings, one last time from the lovely country of Poland!

Wow! Our final days are upon us. It’s crazy to think back on all the things we’ve seen and done these past four weeks in Poland. There’s been so much growth spiritually among the team members, it’s a huge encouragement to see. Our last projects are being completed now, as we were given several more small tasks to finish before leaving the church. Currently, our KP crew of three (Virginia, Cassie S, and William) are putting their artistic talents to the test. We’ve been asked by the church to paint a mural on the wall of one of the rooms we’ve worked on. They spent this morning cutting out stencils for letters that they’re going to use to lay out a verse across the walls.

Yesterday we had the chance to go to an open air market for some souvenir shopping. We were able to come away with, not only some really neat souvenirs, but also some good stories. Mr. Miro was showing Mrs. Julie and Miss Isabelle some special apples that were exclusive to this time of year. The gentleman who owned the vegetable and fruit stand only knew Polish, and through Mr. Miro’s help we translated back and forth. We bought several apples from him, when he suddenly asked us to pray for his family and especially his wife. He then told us that he was a believer and that he could see by our eyes that we were believers as well. He then gave us more than generous gifts of potatoes and cucumbers and wished us all the best and blessings from God. We were overwhelmed by the affectionate and kind gifts he offered and we were so touched by his generosity. It was truly an unforgettable moment.

We also had the chance to go visit a retirement home and get to share stories back and forth with the wonderful people there. We gave them our presentation with Katie J giving a brief testimony of what we’ve been doing here in Poland. Then we sat in a circle, shared our names, and shared our dreams we had in life. They also gave us some beautiful artwork that several of the residents had worked on. It was really fun to have the interaction between the older Polish generation and the younger American generation could talk and get to know each other.

English classes went extremely well! Katie J, our leader in class, did a fantastic job of leading the childrens program and interacting with the kids. Meanwhile, Joshua orchestrated all the behind the scenes work preparing the books and next activities. Erik definitely enjoyed his chance at teaching. He especially enjoyed playing Duck, Duck, Goose. The kids really enjoyed their classes with the children and always looked forward to holding them. The kids also got to present and teach ‘The Clapping Song’ for all the kids to learn. The classes were a great success as the friendships between the team and the children grew, along with the childrens knowledge of the English language.

These last few days are going to be a little crazy, as there’s lots of packing and cleaning still left to do. Our work crews for Saturday, aka cleaning day, are already being set up. The kids are excited at the idea of heading back to Florida and then home. At the same time, it’s going to be very hard to leave our dear friends here in Poland. Today, we said our final goodbye’s to our host missionary’s family just this afternoon when Daniel and Emmanuel stopped by before they head out to Germany. Mr. Richard will thankfully be returning to see us off before we head out Sunday morning. We pray that God gives us good focus for our last days, that we get everything done, and that we will enjoy every single minutes we’ve been given together.

It’s been a crazy, fun, and life changing few weeks. We’re so thankful for all the work God has done in and through us. We’ve all grown so very close to each other and there’s so much love in this team. As we prepare to travel home, we are excited to see what God has in store for us in our last days together.

“Monday we started our English classes. They’ve been tons of fun! We went over the alphabet the first two days, vowels on Tuesday, and numbers 1-10 on Wednesday. Every morning 4 of us would plan out the classes, then after lunch we would teach for 1 ½ hours. We would draw, do introductions with someone about ourselves, the lesson, a game, puppets, and coloring with a story. I had a ton of fun helping the kids with their English and playing and being around the kids. I would love to do it again!” -Katie J.

“I honestly cannot believe we are leaving in 2 days! Time really does fly. I’m really going to miss Poland and all my team, but it will be nice to go back home to my people. I feel like our team is close. I’m going to miss hearing the joyful noise of KP and the group bonding moments. Our team has gone through things together and we are there for each other. I will miss “good morning Poland” each morning. Of course, I will be glad to go home and to get a few extra hours of sleep. Overall, I will be sad to leave Poland, but glad to go home.” -Virginia L.

Hello Readers and family! I’m keeping busy each day with work, laundry, and meals. The highlight of my days is coming in to see the beautiful smiles of my two girl leaders, Miss Isabelle and Mrs. Julie serving me the food they worked hard to prepare. Our meals are thought out and made with fresh ingredients. Our work has been a mix of carrying bricks, moving dirt and gravel, rebar tying, and painting. I can see clearly the difference we’ve made and I hope the people here enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being here. Only a few more days and we will be traveling home to share our stories and experiences with our families and friends. America here we come! -Cassie S.

Zostancie Panem Bogiem! (Stay with God)

Much love from Team Poland



  1. So proud of the Poland team. The time has gone by quickly this year. Excited to have Hannah home again and to hear her stories. My prayer for each of you is for growth in your Christian walk and testimony. I know the seeds planted over the summer will bear good fruit for many years and even into the next generation as you pass the mantle on to your own children one day. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  2. You have all done a lot of good work in Poland and we are really proud of you. We know God is very pleased. We have been praying for you all along and will continue to pray that you have a safe trip home. We will also be praying for your reflection\debrief week. God Speed.

    Donald and Memy

  3. We are so thrilled for these updates, and are praying for all of you each night before bed, which is when you all are rising for the day to great things in Him! Love to you all, you especially, Lucas, and we will see you in Florida in one week!

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