India packing up

Well, the final packing out is going on as I write. They are also cleaning their rooms and the vast compound we have been staying at.

They met their goal and finished strong. Foundations and columns were poured. Trusses started being put together and holes dug for the fence and filled. We are praying that the dormitory, kitchen and fence will all be up soon so as they can meet the government requirements.

We were able to go back and visit the orphanage for a few hours yesterday afternoon. It had rained a lot there so the ground was quite muddy. They fed us dinner and then the team played games with the kids. We ended the evening by serving the kids cookies and kool aid. It was difficult to leave the orphanage for the last time.

Tuesday was a full day with a lot of work accomplished in the morning. Several pastors visited in the afternoon. The new dormitory was dedicated in memory of Bernie Bland, the Directors wife, who went home to Jesus on May 12. We are praying that God does amazing things in the lives of the young men who will be studying here at the India BMW.

That evening we traveled to the pastors house where the team had worshipped on Sunday. They provided a nice Indian meal for the team. We have found all the Christian Indians are so giving and gracious! Most of the team is used to the spicy meals and many go back for seconds.

The team is all healthy at this point and we are so thankful. Keep praying!

We will leave in the morning for Delhi. We cannot wait to hit the streets and practice our bartering skills!

From the team: “What God has taught me this summer.”

Miles – To walk by faith – Romans 10:17

Cory – Do what God wants and not what your flesh wants.

Sarah C. – God has taught me that prayer is one of the best things to do, even when it isn’t what we want.

Morgan – To begin each day expecting God to do something awesome and new.

Darin – Do not try to go against God’s will.

Isaiah – God has taught me how to be more responsible.

Rachel – To guard myself from the world and to trust in God.

Grace D. – Be joyful in all things and be thankful for who God made me to be.

Sam Capener – To read the Bible more.

Julia – The power of perseverance and endurance.

Kaitlyn – God has taught me on this team that hard work pays off and that I should be more thankful for the things we are blessed with back home.

Annalise – God has taught me that I take so many little things for granted and to be thankful for them.

Lauren – God has taught me to constantly rely on and find strength in God. Many days during working, I had to take strength from the Lord because my own strength failed me.

Abby – For me to complain about working is selfish because Jesus had it so much worse.

Landon – Jesus has authority over demons.

Myra – God has taught me to look to Him in times of weakness (especially physically and mentally) and He will give me strength.

Grace S. – God has shown me that He is Lord in every way and He loves me.

Truman – God has taught me many doctrinal truths through my private devotions.

Sarah G. – God reminded me that He’s always in control, that He  cares for me and wants me to rely fully on Him for strength and peace.

Emilie – God has been teaching me to accept who He has made me to be and receive His mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

Max – To fear God and God only.

Sam Chicas – God has taught me so many things this summer, but especially to do things for God, not men.

Chloe – God will give me the strength to get through even the hardest of days.

Phoebe – God has been teaching me to be thankful for everything, especially the small things I tend to take for granted.

Madison P. – God has taught me perseverance this summer, and that He will give me the strength for perseverance.

Hannah – God has taught me to be aware of my surroundings and the things around me.

Sarah W. – God has taught me to be thankful for the smallest things.

Madi B. – God has shown me this summer how powerful His Word is. Also, that He cares even about the smallest things.

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