Madagascar packing up

Hey! This is the last report from the wonderful Madagascar. I can’t believe tomorrow, July 29th, we start our journey back. The last few days on the circuit were great and we all had a blast with the kids. Yesterday, we gave everyone the opportunity for one last drive on Malagasy roads. We are cleaning up and packing out for our long tiring journey back to the States. We can use prayer for health, safety and strength as we make our way back to our friends and family. Thanks for all your prayers, Matthew

So… Madagascar… Being here and seeing the people and interacting with them has given me a new perspective. It is much different than Italy and Greece, and I’m glad I got to have the opportunity to come here and experience this place. – Ryan 

Madagascar has been amazing. I fell in love with the Malagasy people and their culture from the second we got here. They are friendly and joyful. The trips to the villages have tested our endurance, but the joy on the kids faces makes it all worth it. I have grown closer to God as a result of this trip and I pray that our short time here has an eternal impact on the Malagasy people. – Mackell 

Everyday here in Madagascar has been new and exciting. Between doing work around the base and visiting various villagers, we have been keeping pretty busy. Spending time with the children has definitely been some of my favorite moments here. For our sightseeing trip, we drove 8 hours crammed in the bed of a truck on a bumpy dirt road to get to an amazing waterfall and a cave with an underground pool. The drive was worth it. – Bethany 



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