Zambia’s exciting week

Wednesday morning, we left at 9:15 for the Chiwala Elizabeth Light of Hope Rescue Unit, a one hour drive.  When we arrived, there was already twenty-five people waiting for us who we learned had begun to wait since 7 a.m.  Later, one lady, who rode her bike ten kilometers to come, was so glad, smiling, and thankful to see us still there, because she thought she would be too late.  She commented that she had trouble reading her Bible at church.  We were pleased to be able to fit here with glasses and pray with her, as we try to do with each client.  Faith W., Ewing W., Christina M., Maddie F., Jonah H., and Ana S. helped in the eye clinic, while Cassie T., Grace M., and Jade T. helped in the medical clinic.  Fifteen children enjoyed puppet shows with the help of Ryan E., Tasha  L., Courtney G., Kayla W., and Eddy D.  The children were reserved in there responses to the puppet shows.  Mr. Yoder said it was because of the high level of Muslim influence in this community.  Emma M. is one of three helping Miss Eden prepare a packed lunch for dinner.  We repacked our clinic, and left for Ndola around 3: 45, after serving forty medical patients and 71 eye patients.    

On the way there, we were intrigued to see another truck with six white faces.  Our common thread brought out a camera and hand waves from each truck.  We wondered what there story was.  

The industry in this region has a different variable.  Limestone brings the rise of cement block shops and a cement factory.  This factory, in view of our clinic, generates its own electricity by burning coal. 

Today, after classes, there will be time for bath, laundry,etc.  After dinner, we plan to go to town to exchange finances and do some light shopping.  This morning, I had a pleasant surprise to see and visit Mike and Queen(Clara) Monze, from the Luswishi Unit!  They came here to visit a sick relative and will be here a few days.  After a short visit, we arranged and anticipate hearing their testimonies the next two evenings during team devotions!  -Ed M

We are nearing the end of our trip.  For me, this has felt like a short summer, but one filled with learning.  Through Boot Camp, I learned to be more dependent on God.There is no doubt in my mind that without Him, I wouldn’t have even been able to wake up in the morning those two weeks.  God has provided for me throughout this trip and slowly I have began to notice that self pity is in truth, a lie.  We shouldn’t feel pity for ourselves, as God has given us just what He wants us to have and deal with.  Complaining about it is a waste of time.  Instead of being sorry, we should choose to be happy and ask God for joy if you don’t have it.  -David K.Zambia 27 Zambia 27



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  1. Thanks again for the update. It sounds like you are having a great time but also working hard.praying for safety for all. Praying Emma M leg is healing well. Blesssing to all

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