Australia’s busy week

   So what have we been up to on this final week? Well, we have spread some dirt, spread road base for a driveway and spread some dust to get it ready for concrete. We also spread concrete on the other side of the facility for a side walk. That was an intense job.  We ran the whole time trying to complete this in only a small amount of time.  But we did after rotating out two at a time to eat and change then coming back to let a few more to go.  We completed it with the exact amount of concrete to boot.

    We also complete 85% of the insulation in the building and completed the first coat of paint as well. It is funny but everything we have done nobody will really see. The trenches were buried with the pipes. The insulation is to be covered by sheet rock. And even the painting we did will be covered by the second coat. This is the grace of God.  It’s not about us and this team has surprised me in more ways than one.

Jude has quoted the Bible extensively and memorized all his verses a week ahead of time.  In his words “I wanted to be able to get them over with so that I can train for the competition during Debrief.”

Jonathon has such a heart for prayer.

James has such a sweet easy going spirit and a heart for his friends.

Sam is so loving to all around him standing up for those who are weaker.

Kaleb though snarky is so patient and understanding.

Josh is an all-around strong Christian.

Peter B is seeking a deeper walk to know and love God always having a heart for others.

Kalie is so curious about Christ and things Bible.  She is also a whiz at memorizing and retaining bible verses.

Peter S is seeking Christ in a practical way and has a desire to more fully dig into the bible.

Erika is well just so kind and loving to our leader’s kid, like a big sister. She was asked to clean the girls bathroom and she literally asked me saying, “Mr. Evan, if I quickly get done with the first bathrooms do you think I will have time to clean the others?”  Yeah, I told her. I wanted to clone her at that moment!

Tristan has been up and down but has grown so much on this trip I cannot even explain it.  I see the Lord doing His perfect work in his life and growing and gaining something I pray lasts a lifetime.

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