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Greetings from Honduras!  Today the team had the opportunity to visit a bilingual school and help teach kindergarteners, first and second grade schoolchildren phonics.  The team was also able to show the students their songs, puppets, and dramas.  The school graciously served us a lunch of Chinese food and cold soda pop.  We stopped in the nearby town of Santa Cruz on the way back to the base, where some of the team members got ice cream and some of us visited a library.  The folks in the library seemed very surprised to see a group of Americans in matching shirts nosing through their collection!  Now the team is working on our construction project for two more hours, as those assigned kitchen duty for today bake English muffins in the kitchen.  It’s gotten a lot hotter here, and everyone is guzzling water and thankful for our running water showers 🙂

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the team spent all day continuing work on a new roof for a dorm building.  Some of the team is assigned to making reinforcements for the roof out of rebar and wire, a skill they learned way back at boot camp.  Every night, we gather in the middle of the base under a shelter called the “tabernacle” for evening devotions.  By now, each team member and leader has had a chance to share a devotional during this time, so now we are taking 11 volunteers to fill up the last nights we have in Honduras.  Eleven more days does not seem like a lot, and the team has mixed emotions about their time here coming to a close.  The base is gorgeous, with a view of mountains enveloped in clouds.  Goats and kittens wander the property, and the Bible school students and staff here have become our friends.  Diana and Grace B. had never seen a firefly before this trip, and seeing the lightning bugs twinkle after dark makes all of us happy.  

We are all looking forward to seeing family and friends soon.  We pray all are healthy and having a wonderful summer.  

God bless, Eliza

Yesterday I made a scaffolding by putting triangles of wood and beams together.  Wednesday I sawed for six hours making trusses!  On Monday I helped take down the old roof.  Today I helped teach kids in grade one phonics by using an alphabet song that teaches the sounds letters make.  We also played games with the kids to help them learn.  Right now in personal devotion time I’m reading the book of Romans and also Psalms.  In Psalms I’m reading the prayers for help and for in times of trouble.  I found a verse today, Pslam 56:11 which says “in God I trust and am not afraid.  What can man do to me?”  I had a hard time coming on this trip because I wasn’t going to know anybody.  That verse is saying if you trust in God, no one can really harm you.  There are a lot of really nice people here, too!  – Nicole

Recently our team in Honduras has been working on creating & installing new roofing in the TMI Honduras base.  We’ve been able to create scaffolding, trusses, rebar reinforcements and hopefully some new roofs soon!  Today we also got to teach English classes to a bilingual school.  It was interesting having five Americans and three second graders in the same room. Lately though, I’ve been taught a lesson in anxiety, not necessarily in any Bible study or anything, but through my thoughts.  I’ve had to go through all these thoughts of what might happen while I’m gone in terms of death, problems, trials, opportunities.  I’ve had to learn this lesson time and time again, but like it says in Psalm 55:22, “cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”  So even if these things do happen, I must trust that God will sustain me. – Gabriel

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  1. Thank you for this report! We love hearing what God is doing through you all! Praying daily for the whole team! We hope you are receiving letters there! May God continue to use you and keep you healthy and safe!

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