Last night in Mangochi

Greetings from the Mangochi Team. I can’t believe this is our last night here in Malawi. The last 4 days have been packed with sight seeing and traveling. We have been blessed to see God’s hand in our time in Malawi. Thank you to the parents for allowing your children to come with us to the other side of the world. Please pray for us we travel back to the USA. We want to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

Please pray as we transition into Debrief.  It’s a time of relaxing and unwinding but also a time of learning how to share what we’ve accomplished and what the Lord has done in our lives.  We will get to stay in the dorms with the air conditioning so we are excited that it won’t be a Boot Camp environment but way more fun.

A few of the kids have taken a minute to share their thoughts below. Beth G.

Shopping Day! Anna E. – As we finish out our time in Malawi, I am amazed at how quickly the past 3.5 weeks have gone. God has done truly amazing things in our team. I am truly sad to leave this place, but I am grateful for the time God has let me spend here. Our last couple days in Mangochi were spent saying goodbye to the staff and students at the base. Saying goodbye was probably the hardest part for me. I would love to return someday! Today (7-29) in Chipoka, we got to experience some local vendor shopping. There were about 40 hut stores all in a row along the side of the road, which had many African souvenirs to buy. A lot of the local people do hand wood carvings and they make beautiful things! After shopping, we went to the beach for a few hours and the water felt awesome! I am not very excited for the long flight home, but I am ready to see my family again! 

The End of Days. Katie M. – So sadly we have gotten to the last days in Malawi and one week left until we’re home bound. On one of our last days we got to travel to a Safari. We saw many different kinds of animals and got to behold the beautiful nature around us. This experience has really taught me how to just stop in the moment, sit, and look at the extraordinary works of God. We were surrounded by nothing but nature. On our way out we did come across quite a situation. We got the truck stuck in a ditch and couldn’t get it out by just driving through. We learned to work together as a team as we collected sticks to build a sort of bridge and as we all pushed the truck out of the ditch. It was quite a day. God never stops finding ways to teach us in strange ways. 

Beach Day- Erin G…Today was our last full day here in Malawi and it was kinda sad.  However, we were able to spend it shopping and relaxing at a gorgeous beach on Lake Malawi.  The water was so clear and cool, while the sand was warm and the sky was clear.  We will definitely miss everyone here and Mangochi will always have a special place in our hearts.  As we are packing up we love to remember stories and all of the great times we have had.  We thank God for all of the amazing adventures and all of the great times spent as a team.  

The Beginning of the End- Everett K. – This summer has been full, fun, and challenging in many ways. Not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I’ve learned about myself, my God and many friends. I’ve learned about a new culture on a new continent which feels like a new world to me. I can not wait to get home and share all my experiences with my friends and family and church family. In the last few days we (The Mangochi team) have been on a safari, been to a beach resort, and been shopping for all sorts of amazing African cultural items. I’ve been blown away by the hospitality of the Malawian people across the country. Today we have packed all our bags and prepared for the long trip to debrief and eventually home. I can’t wait to be back in the States, but I will forever remember my time here in Malawi with great fondness.




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