Project is progressing in Guatemala

So far this week has seen a lot of progress on the worksite. We have focused our block laying mostly on the walls of the second story dorm rooms and we are close to completing them. The higher the walls get, the more congested and difficult it gets to maneuver on our scaffolding, but the Lord has protected us. Yesterday and today we have been pouring vertical concrete beams that will hold the wall sections together. The next step will be to finish the walls by pouring the horizontal beams at the top. Praise God, it’s starting to actually look like a dormitory! 

We have also been helping with a few other projects. One of the many ways that Nuevo Reto supports itself is by taking donated wooden pallets reworking them to make furniture, crafts, and firewood to sell (You would be amazed at what they can make out of an old pallet!). We helped break apart and stack the unusable pallets for firewood. We also helped dig a drainage ditch that collapsed and teach English classes twice a day. 

At church last night an ensemble of our girls (Elena, Mackenzie, Ashlynn, Becca, Haley, and Rose) shared special music in the service and Ms. Emily shared. 

Next week we will be focusing on finishing our time here in Guatemala well. There is more work to be done on our project at Nuevo Reto. We will also be doing more evangelism on the weekend and traveling to Antigua to do some shopping and sightseeing.

Keep praying that God will continue to complete His work in us and through us in Guatemala. 

God bless, The Guatemala Team

Hi,my experience this summer has been amazing! Working at the worksite is pretty cool, but my favorite part is working with and sharing the love of Jesus with the kids here in Nuevo Reto / Guatemala. Thru this whole summer including boot camp I’ve drawn closer to God, and learned that when times are tough, and unbearable, God can be my rock, and he get me thru hard times. P.S. Hi Grandma and Grandpa, and happy belated birthday Miles! Most of all thankful to all the supporters of me this summer. 🙂 – Elena

Hey, this summer has been truly amazing! I really think I have found my true calling. The best part of this whole trip has been seeing and playing with all of the kids here at Nuevo Reto, and the Evanglizing on Saturdays is something truly amazing. Personal shout out to Mom, Dad, Jake, and Kendra love you guys. And happy birthday Kendra save me some ice cream! 🙂 – Jayla

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  1. It is so exciting to see all the wonderful changes. The dorm is amazing. You all are doing amazing thing through God’s strength. Loved seeing the girls sing. We keep you all in our prayers daily. Miss you Rose!
    Marineta Saunderson

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