Shrimp Feast in Ecuador!

Shrimp Feast!  It has been a “different” week here in Ecuador. Tuesday evening after dinner the team had the opportunity to help harvest some shrimp ponds. In return for their help, which they did not expect, they were given a cooler full of shrimp. Wednesday morning was spent cleaning it and after work we had a shrimp feast…fried and shrimp scampi. It was so good!

Work on the project continues to go well. The outhouse should be complete today, as well as the lean-to roof. Blocks continue to go up and a hole is being dug for a cistern. Nehemiah 4:6 has been a popular verse for the built we the wall….for the people had a mind to work. They can truly elate to this verse now. 

We have a church service scheduled for Sunday evening and we look forward to sharing with the congregation. The kids are excited to share their drama with them and testimonies have been a good tool as well. We have been fortunate to be invited to so many churches here in Playas.

Now for some news from team members:

It’s crazy to think that our trip is slowly coming to an end, when it feels like it has only just begun! We’ve grown so close as a team in every aspect, encouraging each other constantly & it has been amazing to watch God work through us. It has been such an unforgettable experience & I’m so blessed and thankful to have such an incredible team that I can call  my family. I will definitely miss having them around when I get home. – Jesie L.

This summer has gone by really quickly, even though we have accomplished so much! Everybody has grown so close in the short time that we have known each other, even though it feels like we have been friends for years! God has blessed us with a great team! Even through the good and the bad days, we always work hard and make the best of every moment to glorify God. I am constantly amazed at the progress our team has made in the few weeks we have been here. We have all formed life long friendships throughout this trip and have grown closer to God in so many ways! It will be hard to say goodbye when our trip comes to an end, but our relationship with God, and with each other will continue to grow stronger still! – Marissa B.

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