Greetings from Delhi!

Hello from Delhi, India.

It is hard to believe that this is our last day in India and we will all be home a week from today. It is a very bittersweet time and I am so not ready to let this team go.

Our flight to Delhi was uneventful with one exception. At the end of the flight we were told to remain seated as there was an “unruly” passenger who would need to be escorted off the plane first. Since it was not a large aircraft, we were quite surprised as we had neither heard nor saw anything unordinary. However, a man was escorted off and we were allowed to deplane. We quickly got our luggage and boarded the bus to the YMCA Youth Hostel where we were staying. After getting into our rooms and changing clothes, we headed out to shop. 

We walked about 20 minutes to an underground “mall”. We were quite the sight as no one bothered to take the time to find their rain gear. We split up in our shopping groups with our leaders and spent over an hour bartering. We then went back outside to find a place to eat. Most of us were craving a hamburger and we’re excited to see a McDonald’s. However, finding beef to eat is next to impossible in India and McDonald’s was no exception as they only had chicken, but no one complained. When the KFC group showed up, we went back to shopping and we’re back by 8 PM.

After a good night’s sleep, we got our boxed breakfast which consisted of a banana, boiled egg, some weird sandwich that very few tried and boxed juice, and then we boarded our bus for the four-hour ride to the Taj Mahal. It lightly rained for most of the ride, but the rained had stopped by the time we arrived. We had overcast skies (which was a blessing) for our tour of this magnificent place.

Afterwards, we bussed to KFC before heading to a store to barter. Since I was the old one who was a leader of all these kids, I gladly used that card to get the best bargains. When the kids noticed this, several slipped me what they wanted so I could get a better price.

Once again we boarded the bus for the ride back to the hostel. After changing, we went downstairs to eat dinner and to exchange gifts with our secret prayer partners. Then it was off to bed.

We plan on shopping again this morning before going to the airport this evening. We are not looking forward to saying good bye to Madi B. as she will be flying to Cambodia to meet her family. We will miss her smile and constant laughter! Thank you again for your prayers. We are all healthy! Please pray for safe travels going back to the States and for Madi as she travels to Cambodia.image1


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  1. Enjoyed reading this update. Glad you are having a good time. Blessings and safe travels!

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