Actually, THIS is the last report from Madagascar!

THIS is the last report from Madagascar. We are sitting in the airport ready to board the plane soon. On Thursday, we cleaned up the building that we had been staying at that had been such a blessing to us. We cleaned up and put away the bikes. We cleaned up the outside bathrooms. We did even picked up trash around property… We did it all! On Friday, we started our journey towards the Capitol of Antananarivo. We stopped at a park and went for a hike in the great outdoors. After hanging out there, we drove through the night and arrived at Antana around 6 or 7 am. It was a very, very cold ride. We can tell our bodies are tired due to the fact that many of us haven’t been feeling well. It makes traveling that much more difficult. On Saturday we completed our shopping, we visited a zoo where lemurs licked honey off our faces, and ended by spending the night in a Malagasy hotel. We have been extremely blessed and we have all learned and grown this summer. We can certainly use prayer for our travels and health as we travel home. Can’t wait to see you all soon! Madagascar 05


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