Indiana still ministering at Fairs

During this week we have been able to evangelize in Illinois at the Laurence County Fair and in Kentucky at Daviess County Fair. Yesterday at Laurence County Fair we were pretty busy because many people wanted to buy tickets to see people wrestling with pigs! Satta, one of the team members met with a girl in Holiday World two days ago and saw the same girl at the fair! One of the leaders was able to witness to her and as a result she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her life. We have had sometimes discouragement, but God is faithful and still delivers us with His mighty power and strength. 

We had a bad thunderstorm at Daviess county fair yesterday, and we all got soaked trying to take the booth down. 

“We are  nearing the end of our trip, everyone is getting slow and tired yet God is still working through us. I am learning more and more what it means to keep lighting, even when your whole being just wants to give up. But through the middle of it, God is faithful.” -Caleb H. 



  1. Hello, Indiana team,
    My daughter is on the Australia team and several times she and her leader commented on how your team has helped them out during difficult times in FL. Thank you so much! They really appreciate you guys and are looking forward to seeing you again in Fl.

  2. Way to go Indiana Team!!!! It’s not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit Says the LORD!! Our Father in Heaven is very proud of each one of you! Keep the “Go” in the Gospel, and continue to run the race set before you! Remember you are storing up treasure in Heaven, and you are robbing hell, to populate heaven. Everyone of the people you have talked too, and prayed with, will be in Heaven one day because you were faithful in sharing the Gospel love of Jesus Christ. The Word that goes forth out of my mouth will not return to Me void, but will accomplish the purpose for which I Sent it!!(YAHWEH). Well done good and faithful servants!!!!

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