Nepal on their way home

Hey everyone! Kathmandu is as beautiful now as it was when we came. Our time here has been wonderful, and I am sad it is coming to a close. This has been a wonderful trip for me, full of growing and stretching. I have learned a lot this summer, and I am so thankful that the Lord has given me this opportunity. We went to our third church this morning, and this time we were able to do some puppets for the kids. It was really cool to see all the different churches in Nepal. Again, I am so thankful for this summer. To all my family and friends, can’t wait to see you! Nathalie Y

Well, it’s almost time to leave. It’s a sad time, because I don’t want to leave all the wonderful, beautiful children here, but I’m also happy because I get to go home and see my family again. (Love you all!) I’ve had an amazing time here, we even got to see a lot of the Himalayan mountain range as I’m sitting here typing! (Also feels weird touching a laptop again after two months. Almost forgot how to type!) The culture here is amazing and I’m so glad I got to come here for my first time leaving the USA. We got to go to our third Nepali church today, and it was really fun. We had an amazing view of the valley from there as well. Thanks so much to my supporters who may or may not be reading this, this has been an incredible journey and I feel as though I’ve grown so much spiritually and maturity wise. I’ve learned a lot this summer, and hope to come back to Teen Missions next year for my last year as a team member. Adios!
PS: Don’t worry mom, I’m fine, they’re feeding me enough, and I brush my teeth a couple times every day, so don’t worry about it.  Ariana C

This has been a great team. I’ve had an awesome time here in Nepal working hard on our project and getting to meet and play with the children here at Mendies Haven. This is our last day here and I will miss them but always remember them. I have learned a lot this summer and have gotten closer to God through many experiences, like the different churches we visited, the people we meet and the things we got to do here. I also hope that the next team that comes here can finish the bathrooms that we did the hard part of. To all of you readers who have been involved in this trip, thank you very much. -Daniel C

Hey Ya’ll!  It’s so sad to be packing up and thinking about leaving tomorrow! I’ll miss the kids with their sweet smiles and joyful attitudes soooo much when I get home. This trip has been an amazing learning experience. I’ve grown so much in my walk with God and I can’t wait to get home and share with everybody (although I’ll miss Nepal very much) That’s all, Ya’ll! -Whitnie 

Hello! This journey has been the best thing that has ever happen to me! Getting to know every kid here has been a blessing. It’s so hard leaving and packing up I wish I could stay here longer! The lord has shown me so many things and he has helped me through this. I am really going to miss every single smile here! I am so thankful to all the staff of Mendies Haven for all they do for every kid here! This has been such an amazing experience!  -Dayana 

Namaste! Man, this past month at Mendies Haven has been probably the most amazing experience of my life. There have been many fun and life-changing events that I’ll never forget and several surprises as well. Miss you all a ton, by the way mom, I cut my hair. Like seven inches of it. But I had good reason and it doesn’t look bad so no worries. That was one of the surprises. I am doing fine, no feet problems, and I am looking forward to seeing you all but I will definitely miss the Haven. The children are adorable and God has really been working here. One miracle is the rain holding off so we could get dry clothing! Signing off for now.  Erin B

Nepal 09
Nepal 09


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