Zambia sharing in presentations

Friday morning, we operated the clinics, for the last time, in Kasongo, thirty minutes for the base in Ndola.  We were able to station our doctor’s offices  in a structured building, with the waiting lines under a covered porch.  There was a lot of  activity outside, with approximately one hundred fifty to two hundred children. They were entertained with games, puppet shows, and songs.  After presenting the drama, “Battleground”, fifteen children accepted Jesus!  That was the first such response to this drama this summer.  By the end of the day, the medical clinic served over one hundred five adult patients, and approximately twenty-five children, while the  eye clinic served  seventy-one  patients. 

 Congratulations to David K., Ryan E., Jonah H., Tasha L., and Ana S., for completing their fortieth verse review, as of the end of the day!  Saturday, we traveled around to different souvenir shops.  It was a good day for both the buyer and vendors.  

This morning, we attended Liberty Christian Center, here at the base. The team participated by singing “Sing Alleluia, Oceans, Bless the Lord, O My Soul, and I’ll Fly Away”.  This was one of their best presentations.  Eddy D. added acoustical guitar and a volunteer from church added keyboard accompaniment.  Tuesday morning, we leave for Lusaka, at 2 a.m.  We’ll make the trip in approximately twelve hours.  We look forward to sightseeing, but can hardly believe our time in Zambia is winding down.   This morning, Mr. Yoder and I, “gave” the ladies a well deserved break from cooking, by fixing breakfast.  Breakfast was on time (no accusations to the ladies!!!) with oranges, oatmeal, and bread topped with beef gravy, concocted by Mr. Yoder.  His previous aquatic kitchen expertise is helpful!  As of 3 p.m., everyone is still kicking!  Tonight, Mrs. Yoder will share in devotions.Zambia 27 Zambia 27


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