Goats in the classroom in Malawi!

Greetings from Mangochi.   Our team really has had one of the most diverse experiences of any team.  We drilled a well in a Muslim village with no witness and left behind a clean water source, went on a MSSM circuit for a week , did a work project here poured a 25 x 25 ft floor and took up three walls 20 rows of bricks past the Windows.  Now we are teaching puppets, drama, music and doing the judging on the obstacle course here at the Mangochi Boot Camp.  We are loving Malawi!!! 

Drama teachers are Emma, Jordyn, Harrison, Cami, Lauren, Sarah and Olivia    

Puppets are Amanda, Claire, Matthew, Alex and Mariela

Music teachers are Joelle, Andrew, Coco and Eden.  

One of our major entertainments is chasing the goats out of the classroom.  We also have had some thieves goats that steal bread right off the table.  Things like these provide little encouragements along the way as we are nearing the end of our time in Malawi. We thank you for the prayers that you have poured out over the team. The team is recovering from our little 24 hour bug and rebuilding strength to continue to minister to the children here. We know that God has a plan for all things and we trust that He will take care of us. Peace!

We leave here on Wednesday to go on our safari to Lilwande game park we are hoping to see plenty of animals.  We then will do a shopping day and then fly to debrief. Hard to believe our time is almost finished.  

Thank you for your prayers!!!!


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  1. All thing are possible with God and your teams there and all over a just a great part of many things to come for these people. Just remember to keep your head up and prayers flowing to each soul we save will be just anther angel to help spread gods word. Great job team malawi well.

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