As we start up our final week in Honduras…

As we start up our final week in Honduras, the team is working as efficently as possible to finish the work project. The team has been putting in a lot of hard work building trusses for one of the cabins. While we were in the mountains, there was a large storm which caused a tree to fall and created a large hole in the roof. The team took the entire roof down and is starting from scratch. That intails; pouring concrete beams, making holes for electricity, and curing/staining lumber for the trusses. We hope and pray the team will get the roof on in the last four days of work! We hope and pray that the Lord will bless us with safety as the team finishes their work project. 

This summer has flown by and we all can hardly believe it! Saturday for fun day, the team was split up in teams and participated in a photo scavenger hunt which they all seemed to really enjoy. Each team was given a list of thirty different things to find and take pictures of in an hour and a half. For exapmple: find a tree stump and fit your entire team ontop then, take a team selfie. It was a blast for us leaders just hearing the screams and laughter of the team echoing throughout the base.

The weather has been warm and cool at night. The past few nights it has been raining around dinner. As soon as the rain starts, you hear yells from the girls saying “my clothes are on the line” “are our windows open?!” as they run out of the room. 

Everyone is trying to make the most of the time they have left here in Honduras. We have been telling them to not worry about counting down the days till they go home because it will come soon enough, and they will never be able to have this type of opportunity again. We are also thankful that the team has only had minor sicknesses and nothing major. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Prayer is powerful and we all greatly appreciate it! Many blessings.  

Grace DeMenno: Since returning to the Honduras Teen Missions base, we have begun to visit fewer churches and do less evangelizing thus signifying the transition from an evangelistic team to a work oriented team. Coming into the project we were unaware of what sort of repairs were going to be put upon us to complete, and arriving here in the beginning of July, there seemed not much nessesary to fix; now however, the roof of one of the “cabins” or bungalow-like type buildings that the BMT’s (the Spanish word for ‘work’ is trabajar) stay in during their education here at the base- fell in. Therefore, it was easy to see how the next day we reported to the site to begin demolition in our purple hardhats. There has been an accident with the project, but the power of prayer and God’s grace has allowed for no broken bones, scrapes, or bruises-therefore now that no one is in the sick tent we are officially a semi-healthy team… Haha. As of yesterday, all the new trusses for the roof are ready, the framing or steeltying for concrete pouring is complete, one of the 4 outside walls has had concrete poured on top to support one side of the trusses. Well that’s all for now! No one can accept that its the first of August already! Most of us are ready to see our families, but wish we could continue the work God has shown us here.

Tim Smuin: Life here is doing well and the weather is doing good and is seaming to cool off. it rained a few days ago and since there are holes in our window, the rain comes in and makes itself at home in all of our stuff. Becausee of this our walls are sort of wet. thus there is a sort of spider looking monster, 3-4 inchs in circumfrance. They are the most ugly little bugs that exist. We found one in our dorm and fortunally it was dead. The other day we had a sort of vegetable called malanga. We had it fried, it kind of tastes like potato. Also we are in the fly season. There are literally hundreds of them! They congrogate in masses, and will swarm a particular spot until they get bored with it. like if its a hot day they really like sweaty human. They will bug you until you kill them all. They land on you one at a time while you are working the entire time! But God hath blessed us with bug spray and there are no flies when you eat.

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  1. I am surprised teens are making roof trusses. That is a heavy job for very strong men! Oh well, God saw you to it; He’ll see you through it!

  2. Thank you so much for your faithful updates! We do so look forward to them. It’s good to hear you are all putting your newly learned skills to work on the cabin and I’m grateful to hear that no one is in the sick tent. We are continuing to hold you all up in prayer for safety and health. May God bless the finishing of your work.

  3. Michelle Palomares

    Praying for continued strength and perseverance as you complete The Lord’s work there and continue when you return.

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