Indiana visits Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

We are wrapping up here in Indiana, we went up to Kentucky to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. 

The drive up and back was long and tiresome (For the drivers) It was a three hour drive up and back! We went to the Ark on Monday and the Creation Museum on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure everybody had a great time. 

Tonekup:  “The adventures on this team have been awesome, Holiday World was so much fun and the museums were so interesting and it was just amazing to see the inspiration God has given people.”

Grayson: “This week we went to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter and we bought souvenirs and did some looking around. We took pictures, we also had tons of fun and connected more as a team and had fun in the car driving to and from the museum and ark.”

Nata: “I liked the museum and the Ark Encounter a lot, because I now have a better idea about the “real ark” that God had Noah make… Very Awesome!

Caleb J:  “The Museum and the Ark experience were both great, the Ark was insightful and I learned a lot about God and His creation. I encourage everyone to Go!”

Satta: “This week so far has been inspiring. I got to learn a lot about God’s creation that I never knew. The Ark was very cool, I thought the part when a model of Noah answered our questions was cool. And at the Creation Museum we got to see a video called “the last Adam” and I thought it was very inspiring, I also liked the room that showed us the everyday sin because it showed me what this world is really like and has shown me that I want to help the ones who struggle with these sins.”

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